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Visit Karlstejn Castle

Karlstejn Castle

When visiting Prague, be sure to schedule in a visit to Karlstejn Castle. This medieval fortification once protected crown jewels.

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Sigulda: Vidzeme's Hidden Treasure

Thursday April 24, 2014
Sigulda-Castle.JPG Sigulda is an interesting destination for those traveling through Latvia. Here, you can explore ruined castles, see the faded glory of manor houses, visit a cave popular with tourists for centuries, stroll or bike through parks, or challenge yourself to an obstacle course. Sigulda is charming from top to bottom and seems to offer an endless supply of sights and things to do. It's one of Latvia's must-see cities!

Sigulda Castle photo credit: Kerry Kubilius, licensed to About.com

UNESCO Sites in Ukraine

Thursday April 24, 2014
Ukraine's World Heritage Sites are impressive, from the ancient and culturally significant St. Sophia's Cathedral to the remnants of an Ancient Greek city. Though the most-visited are St. Sophia's and the Monastery of the Caves, both in Kiev, those who travel outside the capital in search of the other World Heritage sites will be rewarded.

Baroque Beauty in the South of Latvia: Rundale Palace

Thursday April 24, 2014


The exquisitely restored Rundale Palace is a well-known destination in Latvia for a reason. This lemon-yellow beauty, set in the middle of the countryside and surrounded by carefully tended gardens, was built by the celebrated architect Rastrelli, who was also responsible for both the Catherine Palace and the Winter Palace, residences of the Russian tsars. Visit some of the most important rooms of the palace, including the throne room, ball room, and duke's and duchess's bedrooms to see rich furnishings and elaborate decorations. Stucco work and ceiling paintings will have you craning your neck, and you'll utter more than one "wow" as you tour the palace.

Rundale Palace photo credit: Kerry Kubilius, licensed to About.com

Wonderful Ukraine

Sunday March 30, 2014
Lutz Castle, Ukraine Ukraine has an ancient and complex history, with cultural influences from a multitude of sources. It may be difficult to choose what to see in Ukraine, which is why lists such as the Seven Wonders of Ukraine and Ukraine's Seven Wonderful Castles are so handy. They narrow down Ukraine's attractions to those that experts and citizens find to be the most significant. The major issue with these lists is the recent takeover of Crimea by Russia. Each of these lists has one sight in Crimea, making the lists effectively lists of six items each. However, they are presented as originally voted on when Crimea was a part of Ukraine.

Lutz Castle photo credit: CC BY iSavoch

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