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Visit Karlstejn Castle

Karlstejn Castle

When visiting Prague, be sure to schedule in a visit to Karlstejn Castle. This medieval fortification once protected crown jewels.

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Visit Narva for a look at medieval rivalry: the Narva Castle faces down the imposing Ivangorod Fortress, just across the border with Russia.

Estonia's 50 Best Restaurants

Estonia's 50 Best Restaurants will help guide you to the best cuisine this Baltic country has to offer.


Haapsalu is a resort town in Estonia famous for its castle, its shawls, and its curative mud. Haapsalu makes an enjoyable stop on a tour of Estonia.

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What do you know about Latvia? Test your knowledge about Latvia with this list of trivia, which touches on its past and present and reveals how interesting this Baltic country is.

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This trivia about Estonia offers some surprising information related to this small country's past and present. What do you know about Estonia?

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What do you know about Ukraine? This Ukraine trivia will introduce you to some interesting aspects of this Eastern European country.

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Finding Eastern European Literature in Translation

Reading the literature of Eastern Europe before travel, or learning about it during a visit, can enrich your experience and introduce you to favorite new work.

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