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Poland Castles Photos and Info - Eastern Europe Travel - About.com
Poland's castles and palaces are fascinating remnants of Polish history and heritage. Visiting castles is also a fun aspect of travel. Find out more about Poland's ...
Castle and Palace Hotels - Poland Tourism - Eastern Europe Travel
Castle and Palace Hotels in Poland - These unique hotels were once Polish castles and palaces. Modern amenities and beautiful settings will make you feel like ...
Ciechanow Castle Poland - Eastern Europe Travel - About.com
This 14th century castle is the town of Ciechanow's pride. Built over three generations of Mazovian princes, Ciechanow Castle maintains its Gothic architecture, ...
Bedzin Castle Poland - Polish Castle Bedzin - Eastern Europe Travel
Poland's Bedzin Castle, located in the village of Bedzin in the south of Poland, dates from the 14th century. At that time, the original wooden fort was replaced ...
Bedzin Castle Poland - Eastern Europe Travel - About.com
The Barbican in Warsaw is a surviving remnant of the old town's defensive structure. It's now a main attraction and a point of interest!
Bielsko-Biala Castle Museum Poland - Photo and Info about ...
The oldest parts of the Bielsko-Biala Castle date back to the 14th century, but many additions and modifications were made in the successive centuries.
Photo Tour of Malbork Castle - Poland's Malbork Castle in Photos
Malbork Castle is a major attraction near Gdansk, Poland. A huge Teutonic Knights' castle, Malbork was reconstructed after the WWII. Take a tour of Malbork  ...
Mirow Castle, Poland - Poland's Mirow Castle - Eastern Europe Travel
Poland's Mirow Castle is now in ruins, but visitors can imagine the size and stateliness of this structure from walking the castle grounds.
Malbork Castle Poland - Malbork Castle - Eastern Europe Travel
Malbork Castle is located near Poland's Tri-City - Gdansk, Sopot, and Gdynia, and makes an excellent day trip from the Tri-City area. Malbork Castle can be ...
Poland's Kornik Castle Museum and Library - Eastern Europe Travel
The castle is now a museum housing historic exhibitions and an art collection, but it also contains one of the most important scientific libraries in Poland, the ...
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