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Croatia - About Croatia - Eastern Europe Travel - About.com
Croatia is a destination country in Southeastern Europe full of historic sites, romantic getaways, visitor-friendly cities, and coastal wonders.
Croatia Country Profile - Eastern Europe Travel - About.com
Croatia - Croatia Country Profile is one of Eastern Europe's hotspots for sun- seeking travelers. Croatia is a small country located in Southeastern Europe with a ...
Croatia Travel - Travel to Croatia - Eastern Europe Travel - About.com
Croatia is one of Eastern Europe's hotspots for sun-seeking travelers. Croatia is a small country located in Southeastern Europe with a growing tourist industry.
Croatia Map - Geography and Maps of Croatia
Geography and maps of the European country of Croatia. Comprehensive maps of Croatia and geographical information from the About.com expert geography ...
Croatia Travel, Geography, Culture and Sightseeing
Croatia facts and information for visitors. Facts about Croatia in Southeastern Europe. Travel Facts, geographic facts, information about culture, sightseeing, and ...
Croatia Carnival - Karneval or Maškare in Croatia
Carnival in Croatia is known as Karneval or Maškare and takes place in various cities across the country. Rijeka is known as the Carnival Capital of Croatia, but ...
Free Blank Outline Maps of Croatia - Geography - About.com
A free blank outline map of the country of Croatia to print out for educational, school, or classroom use.
Santa Claus in Croatia - The Croatian Santa Claus
Who is Croatia's Santa Claus and how does the Croatian Santa differ from other Santa Claus figures?
Map of Croatia - Croatia Map, Eastern Europe - Eastern Europe Travel
Croatia is located on the Adriatic Sea. Its capital city, Zagreb, lies inland. Cities popular with travelers include those on the Dalmatian Coast (Dubrovnik, Split) ...
Geography of Croatia - About.com
A geographic overview of Croatia which includes the history, climate, government , economy, and more. This geography of Croatia is from the About.com ...
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