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All About Moscow, Capital City of Russia - Eastern Europe Travel
Moscow was Russia's capital before Peter the Great moved the capital to his new city, St. Petersburg. But Moscow never lost its intensity or spirit - one that has ...
Distances of Major Cities from Moscow, Russia
The distances between cities in Russia cover wide expanses, and it takes many hours of travel time to reach Moscow from any of those destinations by train.
Moscow Facts - Interesting Info About Russia's Capital
These interesting facts about Moscow will give you an introduction to the city, whether you plan to travel there or simply learn more about the Russian capital city.
Moscow, Russia: Ten Facts About Its History and Culture - Geography
Moscow is Russia's capital city and is the largest city in the country. As of January 1, 2010, Moscow's population was 10,562,099, which also makes it one of the ...
Moscow Mule (Ginger Beer and Vodka) Cocktail Recipe
The Moscow Mule is a simple mixed drink of vodka and ginger beer. It is great for any occasion and has seen a recent rise in popularity.
Photo Tour and Info of the Moscow Kremlin - Eastern Europe Travel
Tour the Moscow Kremlin through this picture gallery. Photos and information accompany each element of the Kremlin, from the Grand Kremlin Palace to the ...
11 Cultural Activities in Moscow - Eastern Europe Travel - About.com
Discover Russian culture with these fun activities in Moscow. Take in art, enjoy concerts and performances, or interact with Russians and learn about their ...
Things to Do in Moscow - Sightseeing & Activities
Looking for things to do in Moscow, Russia? Shop, eat, sightsee, and become familiar with Russian culture. Enjoy seasonal activities, too. Moscow is never short ...
Moscow Weather - Eastern Europe Travel
Moscow Weather - Get average temperatures and rainfall for Moscow weather throughout the year including month by month statistics.
Moscow Museums - Museums in Moscow - Eastern Europe Travel
Moscow's museums are the perfect venues in which to learn about Russian history, Russian culture, Russian art, Russian literature, and more. Moscow's ...
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