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St. Petersburg Royal Palaces - Russian Palaces In or Near Petersburg
Visiting the royal Russian palaces of the St. Petersburg reveals the riches of the tsars, precious art, and the romance of a bygone era. Visit these palaces in or ...
Peterhof Guide - Visit The Russian Versailles - Eastern Europe Travel
Get a first-hand look at Peter the Great's lifestyle at Peterhof, the Russian Versailles. Golden fountains, luxe interiors, and palace gardens are only of some of ...
Peterhof Photo Tour - Photos of Peterhof Palaces and Grounds
Peterhof, a palace complex originally built by Peter the Great, is one of St. Petersburg's most popular attractions. Also known as the "Russian Versaille," Peterhof ...
Peterhof Palace - Cruises - About.com
Photos of Peterhof, the Russian Imperial summer palace near Saint Petersburg, Russia. Peter the Great designed Peterhof Palace in the early 18th century, and ...
St. Petersburg, Russia's Must-See Sights - Eastern Europe Travel
Visitors often feel breathtaken at how Russia's royalty once lived. Every inch of the Catherine Palace speaks of luxury. The interior of the Catherine Palace is ...
Architecture in Russian - Tavrichesky Palace in St. Petersburg
Catherine the Great hired the noted Russian architect I. E. Starov to design a palace using themes from ancient Greece and Rome. Called Tauride Palace or ...
St. Petersburg-Area Palaces - Explore Imperial Petersburg
Visiting imperial palaces is one great reason to visit St. Petersburg, Russia. These historic complexes--many protected by UNESCO--contain sprawling royal  ...
Architecture of Russia - Hermitage Winter Palace in St. Petersburg
The Hermitage Winter Palace served as the winter residence for every ruler of Russia since Peter III. Peter's mistress, the Countess Vorontsova, also had rooms  ...
Pavlovsk Guide – Palace and Park in Pavlovsk Near St. Petersburg
Pavlovsk, like Gatchina, was a gift from Catherine the Great. The Russian Empress bestowed this land, 30 kilometers south of St. Petersurg, to her son Paul , ...
Catherine Palace Near St. Petersburg - Cruises - About.com
Pictorial tour of majestic Catherine Palace in Pushkin (also known as Tsar's Village) near St. Petersburg, Russia. Catherine Palace is the site of the famous ...
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