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Great Places to Find Traditional Latvian Souvenirs

Shops in Riga


Traditional Latvian Costume in Sena Klets, Riga

Traditional Latvian Costume in Sena Klets, Riga

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Latvia has capitalized upon the beauty of and mystery behind its pagan symbols, its tradition of textile art and pottery, and its agricultural heritage. When you’re in Riga, visit the following shops and markets to discover traditional Latvian souvenirs made according to well-established traditions.

Galerija Tornis

Baltu Rotas jewelry recreates Baltic jewelry for the modern wearer. Find reproductions of historically accurate pendants and brooches or adaptations of traditional designs worked into earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings in styles ranging from bold to diminutive. The gallery has a small museum in the back of the shop showcasing historical jewelry from Latvia.

Grecinieku Street 11/2; found in the courtyard around St. Peter’s Church

Open 7 days a week during the summer; closed Sunday during the winter

Sena Klets

Sena Klets is also part museum, part shop. The room in the back displays national costumes from Latvia. Here you can buy handwoven scarves, sashes, knitted woolen gloves with traditional patters, shawls, linen blouses, and headdresses. In the case at the counter is a selection of traditional jewelry.

Ratslaukums 1

Weekdays 10-7; Weekends 10-5


Hobbywool is a great little shop selling everything from the raw materials to make a sweater to wooden designer eyeware, luxurious felted wool satchels, and feather-light scarves. Small ornaments and keychains make tempting souvenirs, but more serious items for sale in this shop make serious fashion statements.

Mazā Pils street 6

Weekdays 10:00 -19:00; Saturday 11:00 – 5:00; Sunday 11:00 – 3:00


The Dandelion sells a variety of Latvian-made products, from homemade sweets to organic cosmetics to delicate linen garments. Browse the selection of healthy, useful, or tasty products, or stop awhile and enjoy a pastry and hot beverage in the café.

The Honey Room

The Honey Room specializes in honey from plants such as buckwheat and linden trees, natural cosmetics, beeswax candles, and supplements such as been pollen. Taste the honey before you buy if you like.

Pēterbaznīc Street 17


Elkor Food and Wine

Located just behind the Freedom Monument, Elkor’s Food and Wine is difficult to miss. While it does not specialize in Latvian products only, a good selection of locally produced chocolate, tea, cheese, and spirits can be found here. This large grocer is also a good stop if you want to take a snack or a beverage back to your hotel room after a long day of sightseeing.

Latvijas Balzams

Latvijas Balzams shops are located throughout Riga. They sell full- and gift-sized bottles of the three varieties of Black Balsam: original, black currant, and cream. You can also stock up on other alcohol, bottled water, or candy here.

Riga Christmas Market

If you travel through the month of December or into early January, the Riga Christmas Market is an excellent place to pick up traditional souvenirs, including candles, wooden ornaments, winter accessories, leather goods, amber, and homemade edibles. You’ll also be able to sip locally brewed beer here or warm up with mulled wine, enjoy the decorated Christmas tree, and listen to live music.

Central Market

Riga’s famous Central Market is great for looking and for buying food, mostly. You can find local dairy products, fruits and vegetables, and meats and fish here, as well as handmade soaps and other goods. However, be aware that not everything sold in the Central Market is Latvian made. This market is typically crowded, so be sure to watch your personal belongings carefully as you are jostled through one of the halls selling fish, meat, cheese, or vegetables and fruit.
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