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Music Culture in Vilnius

Concerts in the Lithuanian Capital City


St. Catherine's Church, Vilnius

St. Catherine's Church, Vilnius

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It’s easy to discover the music culture of Vilnius, and if you watch events calendars and websites, you might even be able to take in a concert every day of your stay. Vilnius has a rich music scene that includes traditional music, baroque, jazz, pop, symphony, opera, and more. Find out where to hear live music and how you can keep up with the Vilnius music scene.

St. Casimir’s Church

St. Casimir’s Church on Didzioji gatve (near the Town Hall) regularly hosts free organ and choir concerts. Mass is sometimes held directly before the concert, so either arrive early to participate in mass or arrive just before the concert to avoid having to stand in the drafty entryway. Visit www.kazimiero.lt for the current month’s scheduled concerts.

St. Catherine’s Church

St. Catherine’s Church on Vilniaus gatve is another reliable venue for music, though the concerts held here typically have three tiers of ticket prices, with the most expensive tickets in the first few rows of seating. Hear accordion music, eclectic ensembles that mix classical music with modern styles, and more. The space is warm and inviting, with tickets sold in-house an hour before the concert starts. Visit www.kultura.lt for a listing of upcoming concerts.

Lithuanian National Philharmonic

Located on Ausros Vartu gatve, the Lithuanian National Philharmonic has a regular lineup of chamber music, orchestral pieces, and holiday selections. Most concerts are held in this venue, and tickets can also be purchased here. If you plan to attend one of the Philharmonic’s events, be sure to check whether it is held in the main building, the Museum of Fine Art, or another venue. Visit www.filharmonija.lt/ for information about concerts and ticketing.

Vilnius Town Hall

Vilnius Town Hall hosts a variety of events including those of a musical nature. Check out www.vilniausrotuse.lt for its latest offerings. The Town Hall is situated on a square on Didzioji gatve.

Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theater

This Soviet-era structure with its glass exterior and entry hall dripping with dated chandeliers fills with fans of opera or ballet on weekdays and weekends. Buy tickets and search for shows at www.opera.lt. Located on Gedimino Prospect.

Vilnius Congress Concert Hall

Home of the State Symphony Orchestra, this concert hall sparkles with pinpricks of lights from the exterior. Classical, jazz, classical, and other types of music accompanied by the symphony orchestra is performed here. Repertoire information at www.lvso.lt


One of Vilnius’ newest concert halls, Piano.lt Hall is located on Traku gatve. Concerts featuring piano music are its mainstay. A calendar of events is accessible from www.piano.lt

Other Churches

Other churches, such as Vilnius Cathedral and the Evangelical Church on Vokiecu gatve, host choir concerts, religious concerts, or concerts of period music once in awhile.

Siemens Arena

A typical sports and concert arena, Siemens hosts large-scale pop concerts and visiting stars. Located outside the Old Town on Ozo gatve.

Other Venues

Cafes and bars also regularly offer live music. Their websites post information about upcoming concerts and sometimes fliers will announce scheduled events. You can also check out www.vilnius-events.lt for some listings of jazz, pop, rock, metal, traditional, folk, or other music concerts, some of which are free. The website also gives information about music festivals that may alert you to more opportunities to take advantage of Vilnius’ musical scene. If you are in the Lithuanian capital during an outdoor festival, live music will probably take place at one or more venues, such as the Town Hall or one of the squares off of Gedimino Prospect.
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