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Budapest in March - Weather, Events, and Tips

March Guide for Budapest Travel


National Day in Budapest

National Day in Budapest

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March Weather in Budapest

  • Average March temperature: 7ºC / 45ºF
  • March average high: 12ºC / 54ºF
  • March average low: 2ºC / 36ºF
Though nights will still be chilly, Budapest enjoys pleasant early-spring weather in March.

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What to Pack for Budapest in March

You can't go wrong with long-sleeved shirts and sweaters for Budapest in March. A jacket and scarf are necessities and gloves will likely come in handy.

March Holidays and Events in Budapest

March 15 is a national holiday in Hungary. It remembers the uprising of 1848 and is marked with parades and other events. Budapest's Spring Festival hearkens the arrival of the season. Enjoy concerts, performances, and a traditional fair.

Gluttonous Thursday is an event that occurs the day after Ash Wednesday. Participating restaurants offer a 50% discount on lunches and dinners.

Tips for Travel to Budapest in March

Book Flights and Hotels for Budapest in March

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