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Budapest in September - Weather, Events, and Tips

September Guide for Budapest Travel


Budapest in September

Budapest in September

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September Weather in Budapest

  • Average September temperature: 18ºC / 64ºF
  • September average high: 23ºC / 73ºF
  • September average low: 12ºC / 54ºF
September is a favorite time to travel in East Central Europe, and Budapest's fall weather makes for pleasant sightseeing.

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What to Pack for Budapest in September

Light sweaters, long pants, good walking shoes, and an autumn jacket are musts for travel to Budapest in September.

September Holidays and Events in Budapest

The Jewish Summer Festival starts at the end of August and continues into September.

St. Michael's Church hosts the two-week long Budapest Baroque Festival.

The Budapest International Wine Festival celebrates one of Hungary's favorite beverages.

Szeptemberfeszt is an event that combines food and entertainment. The stew-making competition is traditionally a part of Szeptemberfeszt.

Tips for Travel to Budapest in September

  • Budapest's full September calendar means you won't fail to find unique activities when you travel during this month.

Book Flights and Hotels for Budapest in September

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