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Budapest Mangalica Festival


Mangalica Pig

Mangalica Pig

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The Mangalica Festival held annually in Budapest offers the opportunity for visitors to experience Hungarian food, music, and other aspects of Hungarian Culture. Held at Vajdahunyad Castle, this festival is named for a furry pig indigenous to the region of Hungary and the Balkans.

What is a Mangalica?:

A mangalica is a breed of pig recognizable by its curly hair and known for its fatty flesh. Cute in person and tasty when cooked, these critters make culturally appropriate mascots for the festival that bears their name.

You can see live mangalica pigs at the Mangalica Festival, but the main event of the festival is the food. Sausage and other dishes made with pork from the mangalica pig, as well as spirits and cheese, can be sampled at the festival.

Attractions at the Mangalica Festival:

Besides the food, Hungarian folk music and dance is a special feature of the Mangalica Festival. A mangalica-cooking contest is also held.

More Information about Budapest's Mangalica Festival:

The Mangalica Festival is held in early February at Vajdahunyad Castle in Budapest. The festival has its own website with a program of events at: www.mangalicafesztival.hu
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