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Where is Serbia?

Serbia's Location


Looking at a map or listing to the news, ever wondered, “Where is Serbia?” Find out where Serbia is located.

Serbia's Location

Serbia is located in Southeastern Europe's Balkan region. This landlocked country can be found in the lower-right hand side of a map of Eastern Europe. If you can find the Danube River, you can follow its route down into Serbia. If you can locate the Carpathian Mountains, you'll also be able to find Serbia on a map – the southern part of the Carpathians meets the northeastern border of the country. Serbia is bordered by eight countries:
  • East of Serbia: Romania, Bulgaria
  • South of Serbia: Macedonia
  • West of Serbia: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Kosovo
  • North of Serbia: Hungary
A map of Serbia shows the country's borders more clearly.

Getting to Serbia

Most people who visit Serbia from overseas fly into Belgrade, the capital city, but Belgrade is also connected to major European cities by train. Belgrade can be used as a jump-off point for other cities in Serbia.
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