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Bulgarian Traditional Foods


Bulgarian Traditional Food - Banitsa

Bulgarian Traditional Food - Banitsa

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Bulgarian Traditional Foods - An Introduction to Traditional Foods of Bulgaria:

Bulgaria's traditional foods have been influenced by Bulgarians' way of life, as well as by the surrounding region, including Turkey. Traditional Bulgarian menus will commonly offer recipes that contain Bulgarian feta cheese, or sirene, meat, vegetables, and yogurt.

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Bulgarian Traditional Foods - Foods Served at Traditional Restaurants:

Restaurants that serve traditional Bulgarian cuisine may specialize in one-pot meals that may resemble rich and hearty stews, like gyuvech. Kavarma is a spicier version of this meal served in an earthenware bowl or pot. Cabbage rolls and stuffed vegetables are also popular items at Bulgarian traditional restaurants.

Bulgarian Traditional Foods - Traditional Meat Dishes of Bulgaria:

Meat dishes are a mainstay of Bulgarian cuisine. Those described above are more traditional dishes, but Kepabcheta or kufte are typical dishes - these consist of spicy ground meat formed into patties or balls. These can be purchased on the street as snacks, or, along with other meat dishes, may be accompanied by vegetables or potatoes at restaurants.

Bulgarian Traditional Foods - Bulgarian Salads:

A fresh salad will usually begin a meal. Bulgarian salads typically do not contain lettuce. However, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, and peppers may feature heavily in any salad. The most common Bulgarian salad is a meshana, or mixed, salad. A cucumber-yogurt salad is called snezhanka.

Bulgarian Traditional Foods - Bulgarian Pastries and Breads:

Cheese- and meat-filled pastries go by the name of banitsa. A bread version of this, filled with cheese, is called (appropriately) sirenka. You can buy these, and other pastries, from bakeries street vendors, but they are best when they are eaten fresh. Pita bread, as well as bagel-shaped rolls, are also eaten.

Bulgarian Traditional Foods - Desserts of Bulgaria:

You'll be able to find halva and Turkish Delight in Bulgaria, but Bulgarians also like garash a cake made of ground walnuts and frosted with chocolate icing. Bulgarian desserts may also be made from phyllo dough and resemble baklava.
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