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Where Is Croatia?

Croatia's Location and Finding Croatia on a Map


Croatia is a popular tourist destination, but before you travel there, you must first know where Croatia is. So where is Croatia?

Croatia's Location

Croatia is a Balkan country in Southeastern Europe. This coastal country can be found in the lower right-hand side of a map of Eastern Europe on the Adriatic Sea. If you can find Italy on the map, you can trace your finger across the Adriatic Sea until you hit the opposite coast. Croatia enjoys the longest coast of all of the countries in Southeastern Europe on the Adriatic Sea. It is also bordered by five countries:
  • North of Croatia: Slovenia
  • Northeast of Croatia: Hungary
  • East of Croatia: Serbia
  • Southeast of Croatia: Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Southeast of Croatia: Montenegro

A map of Croatia shows the country's borders more clearly.

Getting to Croatia

During the warm-weather months, it is possible to get a ferry from Italy into one of several ports in Croatia. Year-round, visitors can fly into Zagreb or other international airports in or near popular destination cities. Catching a train from another European city is an option, but expect to arrive in Zagreb.
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