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Best Christmas Gifts from Croatia

Croatia Christmas Presents


Shopping for Christmas gifts on your Croatia travels gives you the opportunity to find unique items to present your loved ones with on this special holiday. Consider these suggestions if you're looking for a present for a family member or friend.

Licitar Hearts

Licitar Heart

Licitar hearts can decorate a Christmas tree or be used as a stocking stuffer. These little cookies, decorated with icing and a mirror, tell the recipient that he or she is in the giver's heart. These inexpensive items usually come pre-wrapped or in gift boxes for giving.

Wine or Spirits

Maraschino Liqueur from Croatia
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Croatia is becoming better known for its wine production. Unique reds and whites come from the Istrian and Dalmatian regions of Croatia, but it's often good to sample various wines before you buy to make sure your chosen wine will suit the palate of the recipient.

Locally produce spirits such as maraschino liqueur also make nice gifts. This sweet liqueur from Zadar is made of cherries and is often sold in straw-wrapped or faceted glass bottles.

How to Pack Glass Bottles

Olive Oil, Truffle Oil, and Lavender

Croatian Lavender Sachets

Croatia is famous for its olive oil, which has been produced in the region since Roman times. Although it can be expensive, the gourmand on your list will appreciate its distinctive flavor.

Truffles have long been harvested in Croatia, and truffle oil is often sold right alongside olive oil from market stalls and in grocery stores. This precious oil is available in various sized containers to suit a range of budgets.

Croatian lavender is prized for its soothing scent. Lavender sachets make great stocking stuffers. Fold one into a scarf or sweater you plan to give so the garment will smell sweet when the recipient opens the present.

Croatian Embroidery

Croatian Souvenir Embroidery

Croatian embroidery, the patterns of which are taken from traditional designs, decorate tablecloths and other fabrics. You can also purchase embroidery to frame and hang on walls. Hand-embroidered linens and garments make easy-to-pack, gifts inspired by Croatian tradition.


Croatian Coral Jewelry

Jewelry from Croatia pulls from traditional and ethnic designs and uses indigenous materials like coral and shells. You can find Croatian jewlery gifts to suit any budget, from small coral earring studs to heavy and elaborate necklaces. Browse jewelry stores to examine your options and compare prices.

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