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Croatian Culture

Culture of Croatia


Croatian culture is just like the country of Croatia - beautiful, varied, and established in proud traditions. Explore Croatian culture and all it has to offer. Whether you're getting in touch with Croatian roots, satiating a personal curiosity, or traveling to Croatia, you'll gain something special by learning more about Croatian culture.

Croatia Culture in Photos

Jelena Popic/E+/Getty Images

Did you know that Croatia claims credit for the invention of the necktie and that parts of Croatia show evidence of historic Italian influence? View the world of Croatian culture through photos to learn more.

Croatia's Christmas Traditions

Zagreb Christmas Market
CC BY-NC-SA Brenda Annerl

Croatian Christmas traditions span the month of December: St. Nicholas, or Sveti Nikola, visits children on November 6, Christmas wheat is prouted on December 13, and Croatian attend church or visit with family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Carnival in Croatia

Rijeka Carnival Croatia
CC by Poli Ti Pic

Both universal Carnival traditions and local traditions are practiced during this festival in Croatia. Parties, the burning of effigies, mock trials, and other customs mark this celebration that combines pagan and Christian beliefs.

Croatian Folk Costumes

Croatian Traditional Dress from Moslavina
CC BY Bruce Tuten
Croatian folk costumes are a part of the Croatian cultural heritage that lives on in festivals and traditional dances. Each region in Croatia boasts a costume that identifies itself with unique patterns, color combinations, and accessories.

Croatian World Heritage Sites in Photos

Old City of Dubrovnik
Croatia's World Heritage Sites are protected as culturally and historically important landmarks. View photos of Croatia's World Heritage Sites.

Licitar Hearts

Licitar Heart
These heart-shaped cookies are baked and decorated according to tradition. Sometimes bearing a mirror, they represent the giver's love for the recipient.


Maraschino Liqueur from Croatia
Kerry Kubilius, licensed to About.com
Maraschino liqueur is a Croatian alcoholic beverage originating from Zadar. Made from cherries, this syrupy drink can be served alone over ice or used in mixed drinks.

Photos of Easter in Zagreb

Easter Egg in Front of Zagreb's St. Mark's Church
Kerry Kubilius, licensed to About.com
Easter in Zagreb, Croatia's capital city, is a colorful time of year. Gigantic eggs decorate main squares, olive branches are used for Palm Sunday, and a traditional market sells Croatian-made crafts.

Cross Procession on Hvar

A pre-Easter procession on Croatia's island of Hvar begins the night of Maundy Thursday and lasts for eight hours and visits six parishes in succession until reaching the point of origin. A cross-bearing individual leads the procession.
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