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Prague is the most popular destination in the Czech Republic, but this East Central European country is home to many more cities and towns that offer attractions of all types. Visit Prague and other great destinations in this beautiful country.
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Profile of the Czech Republic
Learn more about the Czech Republic, a country made up of two regions: Bohemia and Moravia. The Czech Republic is a great introduction to travelers new to the East and East Central region of Europe.

Czech Republic Map
This map of the Czech Republic will help you identify where this country is located and where major cities are. If you're traveling to the Czech Republic, knowing the layout of the country is important and useful information!

Botanicus Organic Czech Beauty Products
Botanicus Czech beauty, health, and cosmetic products are made right in the Czech Republic. This company's products make wonderful souvenirs and gift and allow you to take piece of this country home with you. Organic herbs and other ingredients are used to produce soaps, lotions, shampoos, powders, oils, and more.

Czech Republic World Heritage Site Photos
Czech World Heritage sites have been designated some of the Czech Republic's most important historical and cultural sites! Learn more about these towns, castles, and churches, which are also some of the country's most impressive attractions.

Czech Castles
Do you love castles? The Czech Republic doesn't disappoint with its wide range of chateaus, fortresses, royal complexes, medieval defensive structures, and luxury hunting lodges. Many of these castles are museums and are preserved in period style.

Dance and Music in Czech Republic
Czech Republic - including Prague and Brno - is a center of dance and music in Central Europe. Check out these dance and music festivals and clubs in Czech Republic.

Central Europe Travel Itinerary
Travel Central Europe, including Prague, Brno, Venice, Vienna, and Nuremburg. From the Guide to Europe for Visitors.

Brno - Moravia's Capital
Brno, located in the southeastern region of the Czech Republic, is a lively destination. Moravia's capital has an historic old town nestled among the bustle of a modern city. The old-new dichotomy of Brno makes it a fun destination for any type of traveler.

Capuchin Crypt, Church, and Monastery in Brno Czech Republic
The Capuchin Monastery in Brno is a 17th century complex that includes crypts. The Capuchin crypts, or catacombs, are open to visitors - but be wary. The dead are layed out in the crypt's interior, mummified for all to see by the conditions of the catacombs.

Czech Cookbooks
Czech Cookbooks - Cookbooks featuring Czech recipes and Czech cuisine

Czech Garnets
Czech garnets are an everlasting souvenir of your visit to the Czech Republic. Wine-red, glittering stones set in gold or silver have heirloom potential and make an excellent gift for a special person.

Czech Puppets
Learn about the history of Czech puppets and where you can buy them. This country has a long tradition of marionette-making, and the puppets crafted in the Czech Republic are true works of art.

Czech Souvenirs
Want to know what souvenirs you will find when you travel to the Czech Republic? Learn about some of the best souvenirs and gifts you'll find when you visit Prague or other Czech cities and towns.

Czech Culture
Czech culture makes travel to the Czech Republic - or it's capital city, Prague - a memorable experience. Come face-to-face with human representations of Czech cultural characters during festivals, shop for Czech-made souvenirs, and learn about the Czech Republic's holidays.

Facts About Czech Republic
If you're traveling to the Czech Republic, you'll find some quick facts and information about this country useful and interesting. Czech out this article for a quick-reference guide to the country.

Czech Republic Attractions
Visit some of the Czech Republic's top attractions to learn more about this country, which includes Prague and the regions of Bohemia and Moravia. If you're touring the Czech Republic, these are the spots to make a point to see!

Santa Claus in the Czech Republic
Santa Claus in the Czech Republic - The Czech Santa Claus

Drowning Morena
Drowning Morena in the Czech Republic and Slovakia - Learn more about the Czech and Slovak tradition of the drowning of Morena to welcome spring.

Czech Republic Trivia
Did you know this information about the Czech Republic, its history, and what it is famous for?

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