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Santa Claus in the Czech Republic

The Czech Santa Claus Tradition


Chocolate Czech Christmas Devil

Chocolate Czech Christmas Devil

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The Czech Santa makes an appearance in two ways: as Svatý Mikuláš, or St. Nicholas, and and Ježíšek, or Baby Jesus.Take a look at the ways in which Czech Christmas traditions involving Santa Claus differ from our own:

Svatý Mikuláš

Svatý Mikuláš, the Czech St. Nick, is usually dressed in the white robes of bishop. Accompanied by an angel and a devil, Svatý Mikuláš brings gifts to children on the Eve of St. Nicholas, which is observed on December 5. The angel is the good children's representative; the devil the bad children's representative. If you're visiting Prague or another city in the Czech Republic on this day, you may see St. Nicholas and his companions on their way to bestow gifts upon children. This cool Santa may accept a drink from parents once his duties are through.

Baby Jesus

Czech children receive their gifts from Ježíšek, or Baby Jesus, on Christmas Eve. Parents help to create a day full of magic by banishing children from the room in which the Christmas tree resides. They decorate the tree, place the gifts under it, and ring a bell. The bell signals to the children that Baby Jesus has visited their house with a beautiful tree and fun presents.

Like Santa Claus, Baby Jesus has a residence that children can post letters to. But unlike the Western Santa, Baby Jesus does not live at the North Pole. Instead, he lives in the mountains, in the town of Boží Dar. The Czech Republic has placed its own spin on Santa Claus, which can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

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