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Czech Antiques

Where and How to Purchase Czech Antiques


Like many other Eastern European countries, the Czech Republic requires export licenses for some Czech antiques and art:
  • Objects d'art over 125 USD in value
  • Paintings over 1250 USD in value
  • Graphics over 50 years in age
  • Glass over 50 years in age
  • Anything that could possibly be considered important to the national heritage of the Czech Republic
  • Any antique that is particularly old

Legitimate antique dealers will provide you with the appropriate export licenses. They are also issued by the Export License Department of the Czech Museum of Decorative Arts. You will need these for customs checks upon departure if you are carrying items of cultural value.

Museum of Decorative Arts Export Licenses Department
Hours of Operation: Monday and Tuesday - 9:30am to 11:30am, 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Tel. +420 251 093 244, 111
Export License Department Page

Where to Buy Antiques in the Czech Republic

Art Deco Galerie
Michalska 21
Praha 1 Old Town
Tel. 224 223 076

Bric A Brac
Tynska 7 (Old Town Square)
Praha 1 Old Town
Tel. 222 326 484

Museum of Communism Gift Shop
Na Prikope 10, First Floor
Praha 1 New Town
Tel. 224 212 966

Antikvariat Parizska
Parizska 8
Praha 1
Tel. 222 321 442

Antique-Andrle Vladimir
Vaclavske nam. 17
Praha 1
Tel. 222 311 625

Art Decoratif
U Obecniho domu
Praha 1
Tel. 222 022 350

Galerie Peron
Luzickeho seminare 12
Praha 1
Tel. 257 533 507

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