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Prague Autumn Music Festival


What is the Prague Autumn Music Festival?:

Often called simply "Prague Autumn," the Prague Autumn (International) Music Festival is a smaller, newer version of the Prague Spring Music Festival. Featuring international orchestras and countless famous musicians, the Prague Autumn Music Festival is anticipated annually all over Europe.

Where is the Prague Autumn Music Festival Located?:

Most of the concerts take place in Prague's Rudolfinium, though some concerts may be held at other venues around Prague.

Dvoøák Hall
Alšovo nábøeží 12
110 00 Prague 1

What Types of Performances Can Be Enjoyed During Prague Autumn?:

The Prague Autumn Music Festival has, in the past, featured Russian Opera chorale numbers, famous music out of Hollywood, Mexican music as played by the symphony, and a generous sampler of pieces from favorite classical composers.

When is the Prague Autumn Music Festival, and How Can I Get More Information?:

The Autumn Music Festival begins in Septermber

Prague Autumn, Ltd.
International Music Festival
Pøíbìnická 20
130 00 Praha 3
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 222 540 484
Fax: +420 222 540 415

How Can I Purchase Tickets to the Autumn Music Festival?:

Tickets can be ordered via Prague Atumn's website. It's best to order tickets early (months in advance, if possible). If you find yourself in Prague at the time of the festival, concerts that haven't been sold out will offer tickets 2 hours before the concert begins.
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