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Capuchin Crypt, Church, and Monastery in Brno Czech Republic


Capuchin Monastery Complex in Brno:

Brno, in the Moravian region of the Czech Republic, is home to many historic churches. The 17th century Capuchin Monastery is a main feature in Brno. In the buildings of the grounds, like the library and church, are frescoes, paintings, antique furnishings, and more.

Capuchin Catacombs:

The Capuchin Crypt is perhaps the monastery's biggest draw. Visitors who wish to see it should do so with caution - the bodies of monks from centuries past rest right on the floor of the crypt, mummified in the special environmental conditions of the catacombs. This is not the best excursion for young children or for those who are squeamish.
Famous and influential people have also found their final resting spot to be the Capuchin Crypt. Many of these are in coffins - and at least one of these coffins has a glass cover.

For More Information about the Capuchin Crypt:

The hours of operation are staggered throughout the days and vary from month to month. If you are in Brno and want to see the Capuchin Crypt, you should make note of their opening hours in advance. You may also attend servicesat the monastery or visit Brno's Capuchin homepage.

Hotels in Brno:

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