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Czech Castles


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Loket Castle
Loket Castle

Loket Castle

The town of Loket is home to Loket Castle, which has served as a museum for the town since 1907. The town's other attractions include a bookbinding museum and the 17th century town hall.

Loket has a long history, and its defensive features, which include a river acting as a natural moat around part of the castle, caused King Wenceslas to move his administrative headquarters here. Other important historic figures were either guests at Loket or jailed within its walls.

Visitors to Loket Castle can see exhibits that describe the castle's history and development, as well as exhibitions on porcelain. Loket is also near Karlovy Vary, which means visitors to the Czech Republic's famous spa town can venture out into the countryside with the promise of seeing historic architecture.

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