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Photo Tour of Old Town Prague


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Astronomical Clock in Prague's Old Town
Astronomical Clock Old Town Prague

Astronomical Clock Old Town Prague

Jens Trindeitmar © 2006
One of the most crowd-pleasing aspects of the Astronomical Clock, mounted to Old Town Hall, is its hourly display of moving figures, including the Apostles and figures representing four evils and four disciplines. Get a good spot between the hours of 8 am to 8 pm to take pictures of the figures.

The oldest part of the clock, a physical interpretation of the cosmos, dates to the beginning of the 1400's. The moving figures were added much later - in the 17th century (allegorical figures) and in the 19th century (figures of the Apostles).

In 2010, Prague's Astronomical Clock - or Orloj, as it is referred to locally - celebrated its 600th anniversary with a 3D video light show that illustrated the clocks history. Read more about the 600th anniversary of Prague's Astrnomical Clock.

The Astronomical Clock is a popular free Prague attraction and a major feature of Old Town Square.

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