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Top 8 Czech Cookbooks


Czech cooking is known for its hearty main courses and sweet desserts. These Czech cookbooks provide introductory looks into the world of Czech cuisine.

1. The Czechoslovak Cookbook

By Joza Brizova. Czech Republic and Slovakia have since split, but in some ways, their cuisine is still joined. In this Czech/Slovak cookbook there are 500 recipes adapted for American kitchens.
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2. The Best of Czech Cooking

By Peter Trnka. This basic Czech cookbook features classic recipes from Czech cuisine - including dumplings, meat dishes, salads, and sides.
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3. Cherished Czech Recipes

Approximately 100 recipes in this handy little flip book. Baked dishes and entrees are the most common recipes to be found in this Czech cookbook.
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4. Czech & Slovak Kolaches & Sweet Treats

100 recipes of traditional Czech kolache in a spiral-bound landscape format. The recipes in this Czech and Slovak cookbook are for sweet pastries, breads, cakes, and puddings.
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5. Czechoslovak Culture: Recipes, History, and Folk Arts

By Pat Martin. This book contains 100 Czech and Slovak recipes, but also includes details about customs and instructions for Czech and Slovak crafts.
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6. Czech and Slovak Touches: Recipes, History, Travel, Folk Arts

By Pat Martin. An updated version of The Czech Book (now out of print) is Czech and Slovak cookbook and book about culture acknowledges the separation of the Czech and Slovak republics - and their different cultures.
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7. KaffeeHaus: Exquisite Desserts from the Classic Cafes of Vienna, Budapest, and P

By Rick Rodgers. This book is both a guide to the coffee Houses of Central Europe and cookbook of 150 recipes that take you there straight from your kitchen. The desserts are beautifully photographed and the book contains plenty of narrative. So even if you aren't into cooking these sweets, you'll enjoy reading about them.
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8. In Memory's Kitchen: A Legacy from the Women of Terezin

By Cara De Silva. This book is not, per say, a cookbook in the way that we expect it to be. In fact, the "recipes" within were written from memory by women interred in the Terezin concentration camp. More a historical document than a cookbook, this book nonetheless offers evidence about the importance of recording and passing on traditional recipes in Czech culture.
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