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Christmas in Eastern Europe

Holiday Traditions and Markets in Eastern Europe


Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

Christmas in Eastern Europe is an important holiday that is celebrated according to the religious calendar observed in each country. Some countries celebrate Christmas on December 25 (see Eastern Europe in December for information about travel during this time of year). The Orthodox countries observe Christmas on January 7. The following will provide you with more information about Christmas in Eastern Europe and in the countries of this region.

General information and photos about Christmas in Eastern Europe:

Christmas in Latvia

Latvia's Christmas traditions are still closely tied to pagan winter solstice celebrations, and Christmas is celebrated on December 25.

Christmas in Lithuania

Lithuanian Christmas traditions are influenced by Lithuania's Roman Catholic heritage. Lithuania celebrates Christmas on December 25.

Christmas in Estonia

Estonians celebrate Christmas on December 25, but the religious significance of this holiday may not be as pronounced in Estonia as it is in neighboring countries.

Christmas in Poland

Christmas in Poland is celebrated on December 25th. However, a Christmas Eve feast is traditional on December 24th.

Christmas in Czech Republic

Christmas in Czech Republic is celebrated December 25. The Christmas carp is an important Christmas tradition in this country.

Christmas in Slovakia

Slovakia's Christmas traditions vary according to region, but share some similarities with Czech Christmas traditions.

Christmas in Hungary

Christmas in Hungary is celebrated over a 3-day period, from Christmas Eve (December 24) to December 26.

Christmas in Romania

Romanian Christmas is closely tied with pagan traditions and involve a Christmas pig slaughter and the singing of Christmas carols.

Christmas in Russia

Christmas is most widely celebrated on January 7 in Russia. Ded Moroz brings presents to children to celebrate the New Year.

Christmas in Ukraine

Ukraine celebrates Christmas on January 7. Christmas Eve, or "Holy Evening" is the most important day associated with the Christmas celebrations in Ukraine.

Christmas in Croatia

Christmas in Serbia

Christmas in Serbia

The Orthodox tradition has most people in Serbia celebrating Christmas on January 7.
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