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Mulled Wine in Eastern Europe


Mulled Wine in Eastern Europe
Hot Mulled Wine

Hot Mulled Wine

Mulled wine, or hot wine, is a popular drink in Eastern Europe during the winter season. It's a favorite specialty at Christmas markets. Mulled wine is also served from sidewalk carts, in bars, and at restaurants. The scent of hot wine signifies the holiday season and drinking it is a good way to warm your fingers and insides on a chilly autumn or winter night.

Mulled wine from Eastern Europe is usually made with combinations of some of the following ingredients:

  • Red wine (more typical) or white wine
  • Spices, such as nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, and vanilla
  • Citrus fruit (lemon or orange) or apples
  • Honey or sugar
Mulled wine goes by different names in different countries. Called hot wine, boiled wine, or cooked wine, it will help you to forget the cold no matter how far the mercury in the thermometer drops. Be able to order mulled wine in the countries of Eastern Europe by learning the local names for this drink:
  • Prague and the Czech Republic: Svařák or svařené víno
  • Croatia: kuhano vino
  • Romania: vin fiert
  • Moldova: izvar
  • Bulgaria: greyano vino
  • Latvia: karstvīns
  • Lithuania: Karštas vynas
  • Estonia: gloogi or gloeg
  • Poland: Grzane or grzeniec
  • Hungary: forralt bor
  • Russia: глинтвейн (glintwein)
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