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Eastern Europe Travel Destinations

Eastern Europe Travel Destinations - Destinations in East Europe
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Map of Eastern Europe
Eastern Europe Regional Map with Countries and Major Cities

Travel Destinations in Eastern Europe
Eastern Europe is a large region with many diverse destinations. Popular Eastern Europe travel destinations include capital cities, historic towns, and seaside resorts. Lesser-known destinations can be found scattered throughout Eastern Europe and may not have made it onto every tourist's travel map.

World Heritage Sites in Eastern Europe Photo Gallery
Viewing photos of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Eastern and East Central Europe is the next best thing to visiting these culturally and historically important locations. The following photo galleries contain photos from World Heritage Sites, both manmade and natural, in some of the countries in Eastern Europe.

Creepiest Places in Eastern Europe
Eastern Europe is full of creepy places. If you're looking to add some creepy fun into your next trip to Eastern Europe, consider visiting some of these creepy places.

Castles in Eastern Europe - Eastern European Castles
Eastern Europe has plenty of castles and palaces for travelers to visit. Castle ruins, castle hotels, castle museums, and castles that are used by Eastern European governments add romance and historical significance to tours through Eastern Europe.

Tell Us About Your Trip to Eastern Europe
My Adventure in Eastern Europe - Readers' Stories About Their Trips to Eastern EuropeSee submissions

Review Your Organized Tour of Eastern Europe
Eastern Europe Tour Reviews - Readers Review Tours of Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe Tours
Eastern Europe tours can make the difference between you really experiencing a city during a short visit and missing its must-see sights. Book an Eastern Europe tour to explore one of East Europe's historic capital cities or to take day trips outside of the city. Themed Eastern Europe tours include Jewish heritage tours, food and wine tours, and tours by boat, bike, or Segway.

Eastern European Hotels - Hotels in Eastern Europe
Eastern Europe Hotels - You're planning a trip to Eastern Europe, and you've got to have a place to stay. Get started witht this list of hotels in Eastern Europe. Choose from luxury hotels, budget hotels, castle hotels, top guest rated hotels and more.

Batting on the Bosphorus Review
Batting on the Bosphorus Review - Batting on the Bosphorus Book by Angus Bell

Jewish Tours Eastern Europe - Eastern Europe Jewish Tours
Jewish tours in Eastern Europe cover historic Jewish districts of cities, memorials, and Jewish cultural centers. Check out these Jewish tours offered throughout Eastern Europe.

The United Buddy Bears from Eastern Europe and East-Central Europe
The United Buddy Bears visited Warsaw, Poland in May of 2008. Each country is represented by one bear painted by an artist from that country. These are the Buddy Bears that represent the nations of Eastern Europe and East-Central Europe. Click on the heading to view a photo of each bear.

Eastern European UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Eastern European UNESCO World Heritage Sites are some of the most travel-worthy and photographic sites in East Europe. Visit these UNESCO World Heritage Sites for unforgettable travel experiences.

Romantic Travel in Eastern Europe - Eastern Europe for Lovers
Eastern Europe has many destinations and activities for couples, for honeymoons, anniversaries, or romantic getaway vacations. Travel Eastern Europe and experience its romantic offerings - from castle hotels to low-lit restaurant settings.

Palace and Castle Hotels in Eastern Europe
Palace and Castle Hotels in Eastern Europe - Stay in former castles and palaces that are now hotels in Eastern and Central Europe.

Top Romantic Destinations in Eastern Europe

If you're traveling to East or East Central Europe for Valentine's Day, an anniversary, to propose, or simply to spend some time with your significant other, count on the following romance-filled travel destinations to ratchet up the intimacy.

Most Romantic Places in Eastern Europe - East and East Central Europe's Most...
Most Romantic Places in Eastern Europe - Readers share their opinions about the most romantic places in Eastern Europe. What place would you like to share with your significant other?

Eastern Europe Christmas Market 2010
Eastern Europe's 2010 Christmas fairs and markets light up squares. Get info about dates and locations for Christmas markets in 2010 for Eastern Europe

Countries of Eastern Europe - East Europe's Countries
Countries of Eastern Europe - Learn about all of East Europe's Countries

Facts about Eastern Europe
The countries of Eastern Europe are diverse areas with their own languages, cultures, and histories. Learn demographic facts, travel facts, and other facts about Eastern Europe, including Southeastern Europe and East Cenral Europe, below.

Things to Do in Eastern Europe
These lists of things to do in top destination cities will help you settle on what attractions and sights to see as well as what special events to attend.

Pictures of Christmas in Eastern Europe

Can't visit the countries of Eastern Europe during the Christmas holidays? Enjoy the festive atmosphere of Eastern Europe during Christmas through these picture galleries.

New Year's Eve in Eastern Europe
New Year's Eve in Eastern Europe is a special time of year. Concerts, parties, and and fireworks are annual events that draw visitors to East and East Central Europe's major cities. Travel to Eastern Europe in December and experience the best of the winter holidays - many Christmas markets stay open through the 31st of the month, and New...

Summer Destinations in Eastern Europe
What destinations are the best for summertime travel to Eastern Europe? It depends upon your expectations. Weigh the pros and cons of some top destinations.

Spring Pagan Festivals in Eastern Europe
Most of the countries of Eastern Europe mark the arrival of spring in some manner, and many of the traditions associated with this time of year have pre-Christisan origins. In some cases, and effigy of the pagan Slavic goddess of winter is burned or drowned. In other cases, protective amulets are given. These rituals and festivals are...

Independence Days in Eastern Europe
Independence days in Eastern Europe are often politically and historically significant dates marked by parades, concerts, and ceremonies.

Summertime Waterfront Destinations in Eastern Europe
Waterfront destinations, whether lakeside or seaside, offer beaches, quiet escapes, recreational activities, and more.

Finding Eastern European Liteature in Translation
The literature of Eastern Europe is a rich exploration into the history and psychology of nations. Enjoy reading work by national writers and poets to gain insight into your travel destinations.

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