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Countries of Eastern Europe


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Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia
Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius, Lithuania

The Baltic region consists of three Northeastern European countries: Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. They share the Baltic Sea Coast and its cold winter weather and wealth of amber deposits, but these countries are three individual entities.


The people of Lithuania speak one of the oldest languages on the Indo-European language tree. Lithuania's historical heritage is also strong - Grand dukes from the past conquered large tracts of land and converted their subjects from paganism to Christianity. One of Lithuania's most important monuments is Trakai Castle, a stronghold in the middle of a lake that symbolizes Lithuania's medieval authority.

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Latvia is the middle Baltic nation. Latvian culture includes one of the world's oldest flags. Latvia also claims to be the originator of the Christmas tree, and Latvian Christmas traditions include a celebration of this contribution to Christianity's important holiday.

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Estonia is the third Baltic nation. Like Latvia, it also claims to have originated the tradition of the Christmas tree, and Christmas in Estonia always includes large, elaborately decorated fir trees for the holidays.

Estonia's castles and manor houses are important draws for tourism. Some are museums and others are inns or hotels.

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