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New Year's Eve in Eastern Europe

Discover Eastern Europe's New Year's Eve Traditions and Celebrations


New Year's Eve in Eastern Europe is a special time of year. Concerts, parties, and other special events draw visitors to East and East Central Europe's major cities. Travel to Eastern Europe in December and experience the best of the winter holidays - many Christmas markets stay open through the 31st of the month, and New Year's Eve celebrations offer plenty of opportunities to party.


Russia's New Year

New Year's Fireworks in Moscow

Russia's New Year is an even more important holiday than Christmas, and many of the traditions typically ascribed to this holiday, like decorated trees and visits from Santa Claus, are applied to New Year's.

  • New Year's Eve in Moscow: Brave the bitter Russian winter to celebrate New Year's Eve in Moscow and hear the Kremlin clock strike midnight.

Poland's New Year

New Year's Fireworks at the Palace of Culture in Warsaw
CC BY-ND-SA Kuba Bożanowski
  • New Year's Eve in Warsaw: Head to Warsaw's Old Town or to the Palace of Culture and Science for the biggest parties of the night.
  • New Year's Eve in Krakow: Free concerts held on Krakow's Market Square are an alternative to the night's many private parties.

The Czech Republic's New Year

Fireworks in Prague
  • New Year's Eve in Prague: It's easy to find a party on any night in Prague, but Old Town virtually bursts with enthusiasm - and Czech beer - on New Year's Eve.

Hungary's New Year

Fireworks in Budapest
  • New Year's Eve in Budapest: Budapest's many New Year's Eve options mean it's easy - and prudent - to celebrate near your hotel so you aren't stranded when everyone makes a beeline home after midnight.

Slovenia's New Year

Christmas and New Year's Holidays in Ljubljana
CC BY-NC-ND majamarko
  • New Year's Eve in Ljubljana: The main square in Ljubljana is the center of the public celebrations for New Year's Eve. Here, you can party so hard you won't be able to pronounce the name of the city. If you're looking for something on a smaller scale, book tickets early for a private function.

Slovakia's New Year

New Year's Eve Bratislava
CC BY-NC-SA novelgazer

Croatia's New Year

New Year's Eve in Zagreb
CC BY-NC-ND deymosD
  • New Year's Eve in Zagreb: In Zagreb, live music on the main square helps to ring in New Year's Day.
  • New Year's Eve in Dubrovnik: Mild weather and the historic setting of the old town make Dubrovnik an enchanting destination in which to welcome the changing of the year.

Lithuania's New Year

  • New Year's Eve in Vilnius: If you don't have a local friend to celebrate Lithuanian New Year with, head to Vilnius' celebration epicenters - Cathedral and Twon Hall Squares.

Latvia's New Year

  • New Year's Eve in Riga: Bring your warmest winter wear for counting down the minutes to midnight on Dome Square.

Estonia's New Year

New Year's Eve in Tallinn: Tallinn's Christmas markets stay open well after New Year's Day, so if you have the time, be sure to pay them a visit.

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