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Pictures of Christmas in Eastern Europe

East Europe Christmas Holiday Picture Galleries


Can't visit the countries of Eastern Europe during the Christmas holidays? Enjoy the festive atmosphere of Eastern Europe during Christmas through these picture galleries.

1. Photos of Christmas Around Eastern Europe

Christmas in Krakow Poland

Take a tour of Eastern Europe's capital cities at Christmas time. Fifteen capital cities are featured in this photo gallery.

2. Photos of Nativity Scenes in Eastern Europe

Nativity Scene in Budapest
CC BY-NC-SA nickfyson

From Prague, to Budapest, to Bratislava, nativity scenes accompany Christmas decorations or can be purchased at Christmas markets. Take a look at some of the enchanting nativity scenes around Eastern Europe.

3. Pictures of Christmas in Hungary

Christmas Tree in Front of St. Stephan's Basilica
CC BY-NC-SA .::Danka::.

Hungary's Christmas decorations take over the city. Famous landmarks are invariably decked out in greenery and lights for the holidays.

4. Pictures of Christmas in Romania

Christmas Lights in Sibiu, Romania

Romania's towns glitter with the Christmas season. Carefully decorated historic centers attract visitors away from the capital, exuding holiday spirit with beautiful light displays.

5. Pictures of Christmas in Poland

Christmas Tree in Warsaw's Castle Square
CC BY strzelec

Poland's cities, large and small, put on their holiday best for Christmas. Famous Christmas markets make the experience multi-sensory as the scent of gingerbread and mulled wine waft through the air and the flavors of Christmas can be sampled from vendors selling seasonal treats.

6. Photos of Christmas in Moscow

Christmas Tree by the Pushkin Monument in Moscow

Though Russia celebrates Christmas in January, Christmas decorations in Moscow are put up in time for New Year's Eve celebrations. Have a look at some of Moscow's holiday traditions, New Year's trees, and lights.

7. Photos of Christmas in Prague

Nativity Scene in Prague

Christmas in prague is a special time of year. St. Nicholas takes to the streets to reward good children with treats and the Feast of the Three Kings is marked with a parade that culminates at a live nativity scene at the Loreto.

8. Photos of Winter in Eastern Europe

Winter in Ukraine, Carpathian Mountains

Pristine fields of snow, frozen mountains, shivering trees, and white-blanketed city centers make Eastern Europe magical during winter.

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