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Things to Do in Eastern Europe

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Things to do in Eastern Europe are only limited by your imagination. When you travel to any one of the region's great destination cities, you'll have sights to see, museums to visit, concerts to enjoy, festivals to attend, food to try, drink to sample, and excursions to take. Every moment you're in Eastern Europe will provide you with a new opportunity to make memories and learn something about local culture. Use the following lists of things to do to get you started on planning the best trip of your life!

Things to Do in Prague

Prague Water
CC BY-NC-ND Istvan

These fifty things to do in Prague range from the ordinary, such as viewing the city's important sights, to the unusual, such as taking in the annual Masopust festival. Prague activities abound no matter what time of year you travel, and if you have limited time in the Czech capital city you'll probably wonder how you'll be able to do everything you want to! Major sightseeing attractions include Prague Castle and Old Town, but you'll also want to schedule in some time to explore nearby treasures of the Czech Republic, including Karlstejn Castle and Kutna Hora. 

Things to Do in Moscow

Activity in Moscow
CC BY-NC miss_ohara

Moscow's exoticism is a major draw for Russophiles and culture hounds, and your visit wouldn't be complete without experiencing some typical Russian activities. Visit the city's major sights and tour the Kremlin, Novodevichy Convent, and Old Arbat Street. Then taste Russian food, take in a concert, or shop for souvenirs. You'll come away from the experience with greater knowledge about Russian life and history. 

Things to Do in Warsaw

Warsaw University Library Gardens

Warsaw, Poland's capital city, is jam-packed with things to do. From taking a carriage ride through the old town to listening to summer concerts in parks and gardens, Warsaw's metropolitan feel belies its romantic nature. Shopping, dining, and fun await the visitor to Warsaw. This city will surprise you with its warm, friendly attitude.

Things to Do in Bratislava

Bratislava in the Evening
CC BY-NC-ND lost in pixels

Just because Bratislava's old town is small does not mean that there is a short of things to do! You will love Bratislava's markets and restaurants, as well as its unusual display of sculputres which seem almost lifelike in their execution. Bratislava has a fun rhythm and is extremely tourist friendly!

Things to Do in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, Croatia
CC BY-NC-ND melolou

Dubrovnik is one of those destinations you simply don't want to pass by. This Adriatic jewel, located in Croatia, is a hub of activity and culture the year round. The influences of the past are still felt in the old walled town of the former capital of Ragusa, a historic region of Croatia. Sunbathe, swim, view water creatures, peek into courtyards, and snap photo after photo after photo. Dubrovnik won't let you down, not in the summer, and not in the winter. A variety of annual festivals add to Dubrovnik's attractiveness. 

Things to Do in Budapest

Enjoying Budapest
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Budapest is too cool to pass up. This happening Hungarian city is a mixture of both old and new. Explore turn-of-the-century Budapest, which created the impetus for many of today's major sights. Or seek the fully modern Budapest that courts the young and with it. Whatever your approach to getting familiar with Budapest, you're sure to come away with an even better appreciation for Hungarian culture and the elegance of the city itself. 

Things to Do in Poznan

Basilica of St. Stanislas, Poznan
Kerry Kubilius, licensed to About.com
Poznan is an active city both night and day. Explore its Old Town, visit its Cathedral Island, enjoy its green spaces, or blow of some steam at a dance club after night falls.

Free Things to Do in Vilnius

Vilnius is full of free attractions that visitors can take advantage of year round. These things to do will be easy on the wallet while introducing you to Vilnius culture and life.
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