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Eastern Europe Culture in Photos

Photo Galleries of Eastern Europe and East Central Europe Culture


East and East Central European countries have strong cultural heritages defined by centuries old traditions. These photo galleries illustrate Eastern European and East-Central European cultures.

Russia Culture 101 in Photos

Russian Girl with Bread
© Oleg Filipchuk
When you think of Russia, certain cultural references may spring to mind, like Russian food, the writings of Pushkin, and troikas. This cultural photo gallery includes all of these and more.

Bulgaria Culture 101 in Photos

Bulgarian Martenitsa
Grisha Strundzhev © 2006
Bulgaria's culture is rich with the history of the region. Bulgarians also love celebrating holidays with costume, food, and crafts.

Croatia culture 101 in Photos

Croatian Traditional Costume
iStockphoto/Arpad Benedek
Croatia claims credit for the invention of the necktie, was once ruled by Venice, and holidays feature traditional Croatian folk costumes.

Latvia Culture 101 in Photos

Latvian Kokle
Vladimirs Koskins © 2006
Customs, music, and Latvian souvenirs are illustrated in this photo gallery.

Lithuania Culture 101 in Photos

Lithuania Weaving
Eliana Dulins © 2006
Lithuania takes pride in its place along the Baltic Coast and was located on the Amber Road of ancient times. Lithuania also has ties to the sea and agriculture.

Czech Culture 101 in Photos

Czech Puppets
iStockphoto/Czech Puppets
The Czech Republic's culture was enriched by innovative individuals, who contributed to the art of the 20th century, the world of beer, and jewelry fashion, and more.

Hungary Culture 101 in Photos

Hungary Embroidery
Jozsef Szoke © 2004
Hungary is known for beautiful embroidery, delicious cuisine, and its winemaking industry.

Poland Culture 101 in Photos

Polish Pisanki
Fotohmmm © 2006
Poland's culture brings us decorated eggs, mushroom picking, and colorful holiday celebrations.

Romania Culture 101 in Photos

Romanian Horezu Pottery
Calin Ilea © 2006
Traditional crafts from Romania make wonderful souvenirs. Romania also attracts vampire hunters and Dracula buffs.

Ukraine Culture 101 in Photos

St. Sophia Cathedral Kiev
Ron Mertens © 2005
Kiev has long been an established entity in Eastern Europe, and it is here that the conversion to Orthodoxy began. Ukrainian food, holiday celebrations, and traditional clothing make an appearance here and in Ukraine Culture in Photos 102.
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