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Valentine's Day in Eastern Europe

Top Romantic Destinations for February 14th


Chopin Monument (Pomnik Chopina) in Lazienki Park (Park Lazienkowski).
Krzysztof Dydynski/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

In Eastern Europe, Valentine’s Day isn’t universally recognized as it is in the United States, but large cities, retailers, and especially the travel industry does recognize February 14th as an important day for visiting couples. If you plan to make a romantic escape to one of the destination cities in the region, plan ahead and look for Valentine’s Day deals that can save you money on hotel rooms. You’ll also want to keep in mind that most of Eastern Europe continues to suffer from winter’s chill during the month of February, which makes it difficult to pack light. However, this time of year makes an interesting time to travel; capital cities shiver under the snow, hearty traditional cuisine and drink stave off freezing temperatures, and cozy hotel rooms await couples tired from sightseeing.

For an unforgettable Valentine’s Day, consider one of the destination cities below.

Valentine’s Day in Moscow

You may be hesitant to travel to Moscow during February, but nobody celebrates winter like the Russians do. You’ll be able to take icebreaker cruises, skate hand-in-hand on ice rinks located on historic squares, and explore the city’s wintertime majesty. Moscow is also known for its luxury potential: hotels near Red Square and the Kremlin boast interiors dressed in top-quality materials and well-established fine-dining restaurants cater to distinguished tastes.

Valentine’s Day in Prague

Prague is a romantic destination year-round but opens its arms to couples for Valentine’s Day. Myriad romantic activities, from discovering Prague Castle to afternoons in historic cafes, await. Hotels make room for romance-minded visitors, and moodily lit restaurants present their best cuisine.

Valentine’s Day in Dubrovnik

Croatia’s cruise capital destination is a good choice for travelers who want to avoid winter’s unpredictable weather. Dubrovnik, on the Adriatic coast, maintains mild temperatures throughout the winter. This waterside city boasts seafood, incredible views, and centuries’ worth of history to enjoy. Shop for locally made crafts in the old town, snap some frame-worthy photographs, and experience how Dubrovnik has inspired poets and writers through the ages. Book ahead for Valentine’s Day hotel packages for the best deals.

Valentine’s Day in Krakow

Culturally rich Krakow makes for a vibrant Valentine’s Day destination, too. An endless number of museums and other activities create plenty of opportunities to share perspectives over art and history. Glasses of vodka or Polish beer, accompanying the best of local cuisine, fortify and warm against February temperatures. If possible, book a hotel as close to the city center as possible for easy access to sights, activities, and concert venues.

Valentine’s Day in Budapest

Whether you’re spooning each other chocolatey morsels from classic desserts served at historic Budapest cafes or sipping Hungarian wine in a swanky bar, your Valentine’s Day visit to Budapest will be delicious. Budapest’s visual attractiveness, with Castle Hill views over the Danube and the neo-Gothic Parliament Building, has been attracting lovers for generations. The art and music scene here is good, too, meaning opportunities to take in the sights and sounds of the city are available from morning till night.

Valentine’s Day in Warsaw

Poland’s capital city often takes second place to Krakow, but Warsaw is worth spending some time in and getting to know, especially with someone you love. This surprising city with its modern delights and historic pride may have you never wanting to leave. Jazz clubs and other music venues provide an opportunity to relax after a day of sightseeing or shopping for souvenirs and fashion. Restaurants will pile your plate high with pierogi, the famous stuffed dumplings that are as delicious as they are filling. And affordable hotels in or near the historic center can easily be found.

Valentine's Day in Tallinn

Tallinn is an excellent city for celebrating romance. Its old town is complete with everything a couple needs for a memorable holiday: boutique hotels with excellent service, restaurants with delectable menus, and sightseeing galore.

Valentine's Day in Riga

The memories you make during a Valentine's Day visit to Riga are unlikely to be forgotten. Latvia's capital is a living monument to romance with its famous Art Nouveau architecture encouraging passion--barely clad caryatids and other symbols of temptation are found on almost every corner. riga is also an interesting, vibrant city, with lots to see and do for couples into culture, nightlife, or museums.

Valentine's Day in Vilnius

Vilnius is a budget-friendly destination for romantics. It has one of the largest old towns in Europe and is packed with Baroque and Neoclassical architecture. Theater and National Philharmonic tickets are affordable, and the city's best restaurants are, too. Additionally, many of Vilnius' main sights, such as the castle tower and the cathedral are free to visit.

Valentine's Day in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a city for romantics. One of its symbols reminds passersby of the remarkable nature of enduring love: the poet Preseren, immortalized in bronze, forever looks to the window where the object of his affection once lived. When you enjoy your significant other's company in the Slovenian capital, you will also fine yourself falling in love with this city with so much to offer.

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