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Eastern Europe in February

February Travel Guides for Eastern Europe's Top Destinations


February is the month of love, even in Eastern Europe's most popular cities. Snuggle up with your honey against the cold and find the romance of traveling to this region during the winter season. You'll discover cozy restaurants, fashionable cafes, concerts and performances perfect for getting dressed up for, and, of course, heart-stoppingly beautiful sights.

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Prague in February

Look for Valentine's Day specials during the month of February in Prague. Also check to see if Carnival falls into the dates of your expected travel. Carnival is a time for balls, dressing up, and a traditional Czech cultural parade.

Budapest in February

In addition to Valentine's Day celebrations, the annual Mangalica Festival also takes place during the  month of February in Budapest.

Warsaw in February

A carriage ride through Old Town Warsaw can be exhilarating despite the chilly weather of February. Alternatively, visit museums or take in a show during your February trip to Warsaw. Shopping is another good option for winter-weather activities in the Polish capital.

Bratislava in February

Check out the National Theater's concert schedule for February - you're bound to find something appealing, from classical music to theater performances.

Krakow in February

Krakow is the perfect destination for cele of love. Pictures carriage rides, romantic dinners, cozy cafes, and cultural stimulation.

Ljubljana in February

Romance is in the air when you visit the Slovenian capital during February. Museums and cafes are perfect indoor activities for this chilly month.

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