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Eastern Europe in March

March Travel Guides for Eastern Europe's Top Destinations


March in Eastern Europe begins the springtime travel season. Easter markets, springtime festivals, landscaped old towns, and traditional farewells to winter can be enjoyed during this hopeful, colorful month.

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Prague in March

If you're lucky, you'll catch Prague's famous Easter market during this month. Brightly decorated traditional eggs and other crafts can be purchased in Old Town's center of festivities - the Old Town Square.

Budapest in March

Hungary's Spring Festival occurs in March. Performances and concerts are held, and a traditional market sells hand-crafted items.

Bratislava in March

Slovakia ushers in spring with the drowning of Morena and a traditional Easter market.

Warsaw in March

The drowning of Marzanna and Easter both have the potential to occur in March - these Polish cultural events will make your March trip to Warsaw memorable.

Krakow in March

Krakow knows how to do Easter and springtime. The historic center blooms with color for the annual Easter celebrations.

Moscow in March

March 8th is International Women's Day in Russia. Russia may also celebrate Maslenitsa during this month.

Vilnius in March

Kaziukas Fair is Vilnius' annual arts and crafts market which takes place on or near St. Casimir's Day (March 4th). Cinema spring, a non-commercial film festival, may also begin in March.

Ljubljana in March

Enjoy spring in Ljubljana with carnival celebrations and preparations for Easter.

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