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Eastern Europe in November

November Travel Guides for Eastern Europe's Top Destinations


November in Eastern Europe begins the winter season. Christmas markets begin to appear in major cities towards the end of the month as temperatures drop. If you travel to Eastern Europe in November, you'll want to dress warmly and plan to take in museum exhibitions or shows.

Click on the heading for the city of your choice to get in-depth information about the events and weather for that destination during November.

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Prague in November

Prague celebrates the Velvet Revolution, the historic event that ended communism's rule in the country, in November. November is a great time to explore Prague's many shops. You'll be able to stock up early on Christmas presents and stay out of the chilly weather.

Warsaw in November

November 1st is All Saint's Day in Poland. On this day, cemetaries are filled with thousands of candles as family and friends come to remember their passed loved ones. This beautiful cultural event takes the place of Halloween celebrated elsewhere.

Budapest in November

Head to the Museum of Agriculture in Budapest to take part in two November festivals - the St. Martin's Day Festival and the Festival of New Wine and Cheese.

Bratislava in November

Bratislava's main November event is the Flamenco Festival. Also look for Christmas preparations towards the end of the month - you may be able to snag some seasonal souvenirs early!

Krakow in November

Traditional holidays and the opening of the annual Christmas market make November a fun month to travel to Krakow.

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