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Christmas Markets in Eastern Europe

Visit These Winter Fairs for Gifts, Seasonal Sweets, and Holiday Entertainment


Many cities in Eastern and East Central Europe host Christmas markets during the month of December. Shop for traditional souvenirs and decorations, enjoy open-air concerts, and sample local foods. You'll love the festive atmosphere and each city's dedication to making their market fun for locals and visitors. The beauty of the markets by day or by night also create excellent photographic opportunities for your travel memories album. Wherever you are in Eastern Europe, the Christmas market in your destination city will expose you to local culture and give you the opportunity to take home unique gifts!

View Photos of Christmas in Eastern Europe

Poland Christmas Markets

Warsaw Christmas Market
CC BY-NC-ND Windpomp

The largest Christmas Market in Poland is held in Krakow, but other Christmas markets pop up in other cities like Warsaw and Wroclaw. Each city's Christmas market will have a slightly different focus, so if you're doing a tour of Poland, it will be worth it to visit more than one fair to see how they differ in size and scope. You'll also be able to buy or sample regional specialties!

Czech Republic Christmas Markets

Prague Christmas Market
CC BY-NC-SA Hoshichan

The Prague Christmas Market attracts visitors from all over the world. Old Town Square sparkles at Christmas time and a full calendar of events accompanies the Christmas market here.

Bratislava Christmas Market

Bratislava Christmas Market

Bratislava's Christmas Market is held on its Freedom Square. Sample Slovakian food and purchase traditional handicrafts.

Riga Christmas Market

Riga Christmas Market
CC BY-ND Nenyaki

Riga's Christmas Market is held on Dome Square. Riga takes its Christmas celebrations seriously - it is said that the first Christmas tree was decorated in the Latvian capital during the Middle Ages.

Tallinn Christmas Market

Tallinn Christmas Market
CC BY j_silla

See Santa Claus at the Tallinn Christmas Market, which is open from the end of November to the beginning of January.

Ljubljana Christmas Market

Ljubljana Christmas
CC BY-NC-ND majamarko

The Ljublana Christmas Market is set up along the river. Purchase Slovenian souvenirs or enjoy a hot drink while you browse the stalls for gifts for family and friends.

Budapest Christmas Market

Budapest Christmas Market
CC BY-NC zsoolt

Budapest's Christmas Market sells traditional Hungarian folk art and crafts. You can also sample some traditional Hungarian dishes here while you enjoy the decorations and holiday atmosphere on Vörösmarty Square.

Vilnius Christmas Market

Christmas in Vilnius
CC BY-NC-ND Evaldas

The Town Hall Square of Vilnius lights up with a gigantic Christmas tree and the Vilnius Christmas Market, where performances can be enjoyed, crafts purchased, and food and drink sampled.

Sibiu Christmas Market

The Sibiu Christmas market has been a Romanian tradition since 2007. Enjoy the beauty of old Sibiu made even more stunning with a careful Christmas lights display.

Zagreb Christmas Market

Zagreb Christmas Market
CC BY-NC-SA Brenda Annerl

Visit the Christmas market in Zagreb's Ban Jelacic Square for tasty treats, gift shopping, a holiday lights display, and festive entertainment.

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