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Estonian Manor House Hotels

Stay in a Historic Manor


Estonia’s manor houses attract architecture lovers, history buffs, couples, and those who love the countryside. Many manor houses have been converted into hotels, providing the opportunity for visitors to overnight in these grand former residences of wealthy and influential families, many of which have been carefully restored to their period interiors to exude romance and luxury. Updates, such as saunas, gyms, and wireless internet give guests the best of the present while relaxing in historic surroundings.

Restored manor houses in Estonia occupy locations within parkland and gardens, in the forest, or by the sea. Look for special packages offered for couples or wedding parties, events held on manor grounds, special exhibitions, or seasonal activities. Be sure to verify where your room will be located—while smaller manor complexes may maintain only one or two buildings, larger complexes may house visitors in the main building as well as the outbuildings, and these rooms may differ in price and appointments, with main-building rooms mimicking the manor’s former luxury and outbuilding rooms reflecting either the buildings’ original use or the practical approach of modern hotels. Even if you don't want to stay in one of these manor houses, many double as museums, which means you can see them in an afternoon!

Saue Manor

Saue Manor is located 20 km from Tallinn, making it accessible to those who plan to spend time in the capital city. Surrounded by parkland, this 16th-century Classicist-style manor house provides accommodation for overnight guests, guided tours of the house, and spa and sauna services.

Saue Manor House website

Padise Manor

About 50 km from Tallinn, the current Padise Manor was built in the latter half of the 18th century. A hotel with 8 guest rooms and a restaurant in the renovated manor welcomes visitors and offers views of the nearby crumbling Padise Monastery.

Padise Manor House website

Kau Manor

A 30-minute drive from Tallinn and visitors can leave the city behind. Kau Manor is an intriguing mix of art, history, and fantasy. Today it is owned by an artist, but it was once the residence of a famous Estonian explorer whose travels have inspired the appointments of the 19 guest rooms on the premises. The Eight Legs Restaurant, named for the octopus-shaped chandelier in the dining room, serves dishes that can be paired with wine from the manor’s own wine cellar.

Kau Manor website

Eivere Manor

Five guest rooms, a restaurant, and a spa make up Eivere Manor, which welcomes among its guests wedding parties and couples looking for a romantic getaway.

Eivere Manor website

Padaste Manor

This five-star hotel is located in the middle of parkland on an island, and its natural surroundings create a peaceful atmosphere for guests who can stay in one of its 24 rooms, located in the manor house proper, the coach house, or the private farm house. The Alexander restaurant serves award-winning Nordic Islands cuisine.

Padaste Manor website

Vihula Manor

The Vihula Manor Country Club and Spa is located in Lahemaa National Park and is only 4 km from the Baltic Sea. The huge manor complex underwent restoration from 2008 to 2012 and welcomes visitors with 64 rooms in various buildings on the grounds; a restaurant, tavern, café, and wine cellar; a spa; and a recreational “holiday village.”

Vihula Manor website

Saka Manor

Saka Manor Cliff Hotel and Spa is located in the fully restored Saka Manor perched on limestone cliffs amidst parkland. The hotel contains 33 rooms while the mansion is home to 12 additional rooms. The manor’s location is ideal for outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, sports, and camping. Saka Manor website
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