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Foods of Eastern Europe - Dining Out and Eastern European Foods
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Survival Guide Tips for Vegetarian Travel to East Europe
Travel to Eastern Europe can be trying as a vegetarian, when so many favorite traditional foods are made with meat and other animal products. Don't go hungry in Eastern Europe if you're a vegetarian - follow the survival guide.

Eat On a Budget in Poland
It's easy to eat on a budget in Poland. The national cuisine is hearty and ubiquitous, and you can eat your fill without emptying your wallet. Here's how to eat (well) on a budget in Poland.

Beer in Russia
Beer in Russia - Russian Beer

Russian Vodka
Vodka is the Russian alcoholic beverage of choice. As a traveler to Russia, you may be stunned by the varieties of Russian vodka available, be pressed to drink vodka as a guest in a Russian home, and otherwise be confronted with vodka as a Russian cultural phenomenon as it appears in jokes, songs, and literature. What should you know about Russian vodka before you travel?

Dangers of Bootleg Vodka and How to Avoid them in Russia
Tips for Avoiding Moonshine, Bootleg, or Contaminated Vodka in Russia - Bootleg Vodka in Russia can kill you. Learn how to avoid drinking moonshine on your next trip to Russia.

Dining Out in Eastern Europe
Dining Out in Eastern Europe - Foods of Eastern Europe

What is a Zakuska?
What is a Zakuska? Meaning of the Word Zakuska

What is Samogon?
What is Samogon? Meaning of the Word Samogon

How to Clean Stains from Your Lomonosov Porcelain
Use this quick and easy method to safely clean stains from your Lomonosov porcelain tea sets and dishware.

All About Pierogi from Eastern European Food
About.com's Guide to Eastern European Food explains pierogi (and how to make them).

Shopska Salata
You'll often encounter shopska salata on menus at Eastern European restaurants. Here's the recipe for this salad of tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and parsley from the Guide to Eastern European Food.

Summer Produce of Eastern Europe
Find the best fruits and vegetables from independent vendors in Eastern Europe.

Types of Restaurants in Hungary
Outlines different types of restaurants visitors will encounter when dining out in Hungary

Dining Out in Budapest
A few tips to get you started when eating out in Hungary's capital

Maslenitsa: Russian Pancake Week
Butter Week or Pancake Week is otherwise known as Maslenitsa in Russia. Eat your fill during this fun traditional festival!

Trdelnik - Rolled Pastries in Prague and Slovakia
Trdelnik - Rolled Pastries in Prague and Slovakia

Enjoying Eastern European Wines
Wine is a part of Eastern Europe's culture and history. If you're a wine lover, you can take tours of wine regions, follow wine roads, sample local wines in restaurants, and sample unique varieties of red, white, and sparkling wines.

How to Find the Best Food in Eastern Europe
Don't compromise when it comes to food when you travel to Eastern Europe. Find the tastiest dishes, best value, and local specialties.

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