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Top 5 Eastern European Cookbooks - Cookbooks for Eastern European Cuisine


Cookbooks for foods of Eastern European countries aren't always easy to find. For those of us who haven't had favorite Eastern European recipes passed down to us from an Old World grandmother, there's nothing for us but to go by the recipe books available.

Some cookbooks come with historical or cultural narratives, or even act as memoirs. Because traditional dishes are so integral to Eastern European life, cracking open any of these cookbooks is a lesson in how Eastern Europeans live.

1. Czech and Slovak Cookbooks

Czech Republic and Slovakia were, until fairly recently, one country, so both Czech Republic and Slovakia have similar fair - and many Eastern European cookbooks feature cuisine from both countries.

2. Hungarian Cookbooks

Hungary, famous for its paprika-seasoned dishes, like goulash, has a wide variety of traditional dishes that are both delicious and fun to prepare.

3. Polish Cookbooks

Food from Poland is hearty and delicious. These ten cookbooks feature the best of Polish cuisine.

4. Balkan and Bulgarian Cookbooks

Balkan and Bulgarian cuisine features influences from the Mediterranean - like goat cheese and yogurt. These cookbooks include dishes from Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania, Serbia, and Romania.

5. Ukrainian and Russian Cookbooks

Of all Eastern European cookbooks, Russian cookbooks are the easiest to find. This list is note exhaustive, but is a good place to start if you are interested in trying your hand at cooking Russian traditional dishes. Also check out: Ukrainian Cookbooks
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