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Profile of Hungary
Hungary is a fascinating country. Most people visit its capital city, Budapest, but the Hungary beyond Budapest offers countryside, vineyards, lakes and rivers, and historic destinations that will take you back in time.

Hungary Map
Hungary Map - Map of Hungary including major cities and neighboring countries

Hungary Culture 101 in Photos
Travel to Hungary means coming face-to-face with Hungary's rich culture. Hungarian symbols--flags, food, folk art, and costumes--represent a small part

Hungary Castles in Photos
Take this tour of Hungary's castles, palaces, and ruined fortifications for a taste of what you can see when you tour this country, whether you're in Budapest, Lake Balaton, or elsewhere.

Palace and Castle Hotels in Hungary
Hungary's Palace and Castle Hotels - 10 Castle and Palace Hotels in Hungary

Lake Balaton Resorts in Hungary
Lake Balaton Resorts in Hungary provide visitors with a multitude of leisure activities such as sunbathing, festivals, and summertime fun. Enjoy a trip to Lake Balaton if you're visiting Hungary during the warm-weather months.

Pecs Hungary Hotels
Hotels in Pecs Hungary - Pecs Hungary Hotels

Pecs, Hungary
Pecs Hungary - Visiting Pecs Hungary

Hungarian Cookbooks
10 Hungarian Cookbooks - Cookbooks containing Hungarian recipes

Hungary Blogs
Hungary Blogs - Blogs About Hungary See submissions

Hungarian Folk Costumes
Hungarian Folk Costumes - Folk Dress from Hungary

Hungarian Culture

Hungarian culture is part of what makes travel to Hungary so intriguing. Hungary's people take pride in their culture, which has developed over centuries. Learn more about Hungary's culture to enjoy this country more fully.

Hungary Facts
Hungary Facts and information for visitors. Basic Hungary facts, Hungary travel facts, and facts about culture and history.

Eger, Hungary
Eger is a reasonable distance from Budapest and one of Hungary's most famous wine-producing towns. Sample Bull's Blood red wine and hear the legend of one of the country's heroes.

Hungary Tours
Taking a Hungary tour can be a great way to see this country through its food, history, or sights. See Hungary as a part of a multi-country tour, or go in-depth with tours that keep you within the country's borders.

Hungarian Pálinka
Pálinka is Hungary's national alcoholic beverage. Making this fruit brandy has been elevated to an art form, and it's a part of Hungarian culture you won't want to miss as a visitor!

Hungarian Matyó Folk Art
Hungarian Matyó folk art is bright, floral, festive, and has been passed down through local artists for generations. This special folk art is protected by UNESCO and represents and important cultural phenomenon.

Visit the town of Szentendre, near Budapest, for excellent shopping, wine tasting, and dining. Explore its historic Baroque center and enjoy its numerous museums. Travel a bit further to the Skanzen, which is a recreated rural Hungarian village where demonstrations of traditional crafts and other events take place.

Heviz Spa and Lake
Heviz Spa is a long-established wellness center that focuses on the natural healing waters of Heviz Lake, fed by thermal springs full of minerals. Located at the western tip of Lake Balaton, Heviz Spa is not a well-known destination for tourists but can be a relaxing, enjoyable, and thoroughly Hungarian experience for those travelers who make an effort to visit.

Herend Porcelain
Herend Porcelain is a distinctive and impressive product of Hungary. The hand-painted, hand-decorated porcelain is created using decades-old techniques that have impressed even kings and queens.

Hungary Trivia
Learn some fun information about Hungary, including legends and history that make it unique in the region!

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