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Where Is Budapest?

Budapest's Location


You've heard of Budapest, but you aren't quite sure where it is. Don't be left wondering, “Where is Budapest?” the next time you have a conversation about great travel destinations!

Location of Budapest

Budapest is the capital of Hungary (not to be confused with Bucharest, the capital of nearby Romania). The city is located in the central northern section of the country and is divided by the Danube River, which separates the Buda side from the Pest side. You can find Budapest on a map of Hungary.

Distances of Major Cities from Budapest

Budapest is:
  • 101 m/163 km southeast of Bratislava
  • 135 m/217 km east of Vienna
  • 182 m/293 km south of Krakow
  • 238 m/283 km northeast of
  • 275 m/443 km southeast of Prague

Getting to Budapest

International flights to Budapest arrive at Budapest Ferihegy International Airport.
  • Flights to Budapest: Compare Prices

Budapest is considered a great hub for exploring the rest of Central Europe. Trains connect Budapest to nearby cities such as Bratislava, Ljubljana, Vienna, Bucharest, and Munich.

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