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Easter in Hungary

Hungarian Easter Traditions


Easter in Budapest

Easter in Budapest

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Easter in Hungary is celebrated with folk traditions and festivals that mark this springtime holiday. Visitors to Budapest can take part in the Spring Festival, which precedes or coincides with Easter every year. This two-week long event celebrates the season with concerts, performances, classes, and an annual market. Villages throughout Hungary will celebrate according to their own traditions and may host official Easter festivals.

Easter Traditions in Hungary

Easter egg decorating is one old tradition that Hungarians still participate in. Another is “sprinkling” which can take the form of dousing another person with water (usually a woman), or sprinkling her hair with perfume. This ritual is associated with fertility and cleansing rites left over from pagan times.

Easter-related celebrations take place for more than a week in Hungary. Palm Sunday is called “Flower Sunday” in Hungary. Good Friday is a day for housecleaning and decorating eggs. On Easter Saturday, Easter baskets are taken to church and blessed. On Easter Sunday, the Lenten fast is broken with meat dishes. Sprinkling or dousing takes place on Easter Monday, also a holiday in Hungary.

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