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Carnival in Hungary

Hungarian Farsang Carnival


Busos in Mohacs, Hungary

Busos in Mohacs, Hungary for Carnival

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In Hungary, Carnival is known as Farsang. Hungarians celebrate this pre-Lenten festival with food, like pork, sauerkraut, and doughnuts, as well as with parties and costumes. While Budapest sees its share of Carnival activities, Mohacs, just south of capital, is the best-known Carnival location in Hungary.

Carnival in Budapest

Farsang in Budapest is marked by the hosting of many formal balls, some which can be costly to attend. In addition, concerts and performances will also be held during Farsang. Be sure to look for the tasty Carnival doughnuts, called fank or farsangi fank that are essential during this time.

Carnival in Mohacs

Farsang in Mohacs (Mohács) is called the Busójárás Carnival. This festival has a long tradition with legendary origins in the 17th century, when villagers dressed in grotesque masks and furry costumes to frighten away invading Turkish forces. The mask-wearing individuals are today called busós. While the story about the busós scaring away Turkish invaders is a popular one, the festival probably has older, pagan roots associated with fertility and the welcome of spring.

Processions, the burning of a representation of winter, feasts, children's activities, and more. Busó masks, carved with attention to tradition, make special souvenirs for visitors to Mohacs. The festival lasts six days, starting on Thursday and ending on Shrove Tuesday.

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