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New Year's Eve in Budapest


Fireworks in Budapest

Fireworks in Budapest

Budapest has several centers and main boulevards, which means that you have various options for celebrating New Year's Eve in Hungary's capital city. Along the Danube Promenade, Andrassy Avenue, Vaci utca, and Deak ter. Open-air parties can also be found in other sections of the city, including the Oktogon and Nyugati.

Upscale events, such as galas and symphony concerts, can be booked if you do so well in advance. Private parties at clubs and bars are also advertised for New Year's Eve in Budapest. Danube River boat cruises are also popular.

Tips for New Year's Eve in Budapest:

Plan your New Year's Eve in Budapest well in advance. While plenty of events fill the New Year's Eve calendar, tickets go quickly, and hotels fill up accordingly. And, because you may have difficulty getting back to your hotel after midnight because of streets being congested with partiers and people trying to get back home, it's a smart move to plan to celebrate the holiday near your hotel.

To learn about Hungary's New Year's Eve traditions, try spending the holiday with Hungarian friends.

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