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Hungarian Traditional foods


Hungarian Goulash

Hungarian Goulash

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Hungarian Traditional Foods - International Favorites and Influences:

When foreigners think of Hungarian cuisine, goulash and chicken paprika naturally spring to mind. However, traditional Hungarian food doesn't stop at these two tasty dishes. The food of Hungary has a long history with many influences - including those from neighboring Slavic countries, Germany, Austria, and France. Paprika, Hungarians' favorite seasoning, is used generously, though mild paprika is more commonly used than is spicy paprika.

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Hungarian Traditional Foods - Hungarian Meat Dishes:

Like many Eastern European cuisines, Hungary has no shortage of meat recipes. Goulash, tokany, and porkolt all contain meat and a hearty mix of vegetables in stews or sauces. Hungarian cuisine is also big on sausage; a variety of pork sausage can be found in Hungary and eaten as a snack or with breakfast.

Hungarian Traditional Foods - Fish Dishes:

For those who want something a bit lighter, Hungarian fish dishes might be preferable over rich meals starring beef or pork. Fish served with various sauces, vegetables, or mushrooms, or fish soup, may be found on traditional hungarian menus.

Hungarian Traditional Foods - Vegetables in Hungarian Cuisine:

Unfortunately, as is true in most of Eastern Europe, vegetarians often find themselves going hungry for lack of filling meatless dishes. Hungarians love stuffing vegetables or roasting potatoes with paprika, but meatless dishes are difficult to find on Hungarian menus.

Hungarian Traditional Foods - Desserts in Hungary:

Hungarians have inherited dessert recipes and other sweet concoctions from all over Europe. Somloi galuska is a decadent sponge cake containg rum sauce, vanilla cream, and chocolate syrup. Dobos torta is another unbelievably rich sponge cake topped with caramel. Those with sweet tooths will also enjoy doughnuts, strudel, and other sweet pastries and cakes that have become integral to Hungarian dessert cuisine.
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