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Pecs, Hungary


Why Should You Visit Pecs Hungary?:

Pecs (pronounced "paych") is a town in the Transdanubia region of Hungary that is full of rich history and interesting sights, holds colorful festivals, and offers plenty of restaurants and hotels for visitors to take advantage of while they explore museums, mosques, churches, and Roman ruins.
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  • Roman and Early Christian Ruins in Pecs Hungary:

    On Nun Street (Apaca utca), explore excavated Roman tombs, decorated with scenes from the 2nd-4th centuries. Nearby, you can see the ruins of a chapel and more archaeological excavations that have varying hours of operation. In addition, a Christian mausoleum from the 4th century contains frescoes of Christian scenes and a marble sarcophogus.

    Art Museums in Pecs Hungary:

    Several 20th century artists have been immortalized in Pecs. The Vasarely Museum, the Nemes Endre Museum, and the Ferenc Martyn Museum are all located on Kaptalan utca (along with the very nice Zsolnay Ceramics Museum). On Pannonius utca, you can find the Csontvary Museum, dedicated to Kosztka Tivadar Csontvary, who was greatly admired by Picasso.

    Festivals in Pecs Hungary:

    From March to September, Pecs has a lively festival schedule. The Spring Festival in March features music, film, and dance. In June and July, the Pecs Weeks of Art and Gastronomy are host to several small festivals that feature regional culture and art. Pecs Days, in September, is a mixed bag of music, crafts, and wine.

    Religious Architecture in Pecs Hungary:

    Pecs has a variety of religious architecture. The synagogue southeast of the center is now a memorial to Jews who were victims of the Holocaust. Two mosques in Pecs are open to the public - the Mosque of Gazi Kasim and the Jakovali Hassan Mosque. Also check out the Bishop's Palace and the cathedral on Dom ter.

    Mecsek Hills and Abaliget North of Pecs:

    For hiking, camping, views of Pecs, and resorts, go to Mecsek Hills just north of Pecs. Abaliget has caves with unusual rock formations, a thermal pool, and lakes.

    Hotels in Pecs:

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