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Hungary Culture 101 in Photos


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Hungarian Embroidery - Folk Embroidery from Hungary
Hungary Embroidery

Hungary Embroidery

Jozsef Szoke © 2004
Hungary's tradition of embroidery dates back to the Middle Ages. Hungarian daughters learned to embroider at a very young age, and a family's wealth was often measured or determined by the number of embroidered cloths they had. While Hungarian embroidery decorates folk costumes, it can also be found on tablecloths, napkins, bed covers, and serving towels. Today you can pick up Hungarian embroidery as a souvenir, but some of the finest examples of Hungarian embroidery are heirloom items cherished by families.

Bold colors, floral patterns, and rich textures characterize embroidery from Hungary. Traditional designs that have been passed down from generation to generation identify national and regional heritage.

Some wearable Hungarian embroidery pieces include blouses and shawls. The Great Market Hall is one place to find traditionally embroidered pieces.

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