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Flooding in Eastern and Central Europe April 2006

Waters Rise as the Flooding in Regions of Eastern and Central Europe Continues


Eastern and Central European regions that had still not recovered from the devastating floods of 2002 are once again battling rising waters and the threat of more rain.

Flooding in Czech Republic
The Prague Daily Monitor, April 4, 2006--While the flooding in the Czech Republic seems to have stabalized, the river Elbe is still dangerously swollen. Evacuees are returning to "extensive damage," and popular tourist destinations like Hrensko are still covered by the flood.

The Prague Daily Monitor, April 5, 2006--Damage in the Czech Republic may not be as extensive as in 2002, but the concern about clean-up and repair costs is still at the forefront of many officials' minds. Money, given by the EU, the U.S., as well as organizations within the Czech Republic, will be used to aid flood-recovery efforts.

CeskeNoviny.com, April 6, 2006--The state of emergency for the Czech Republic has been extended to April 19th. While no more damage is expected, the extended emergency time frame will allow teams to clear debris and assess repairs.

Prague Daily Monitor, April 9, 2006--Cleanup is underway. Assessments are being taken of the flooding damage, which has affected national monuments including castles, chateaux, and churches.

Flooding in Hungary
The Budapest Sun, April 6, 2006--Hungarian officials are warning this could be the biggest flood on record, with as much as a quarter of Hungary under water. The Danube is expected to rise past levels it reached in 2002, and more rain may be on the way.

The Budapest Sun, April 13, 2006--Waters are receding after floods reached levels that broke a 120 year record. Emergencies are still in effect, but better weather is aiding to improve the situation.

The Budapest Sun, April 20, 2006--Residents living around the River Tisza were issued a a third-degree alert on the 14th of April, and people wait to see what this means as far as evacuations, transport restrictions, and other emergency measures are concerned.

FT.Com, April 24, 2006--Farmland along the River Tisza may be converted into emergency resovoirs in times of flood.

Flooding in Slovakia
The Slovak Spectator, April 3, 2006--Workers continue to watch areas through which the Danube and Marava rivers flow. About 400 people were evacuated at the time of the article's release, but there is a fear that flood waters will continue to rise.

Flooding in Serbia
BBC, April 13, 2006--Serbia, as a southern country, is now dealing with the flooding that hit Hungary and the Czech Republic earlier this month as the Danube River drains south.

Flooding in Romania
CNN, April 15, 2006--The Danube also flooded Romania, which has had to deal with dams breaking and people who were displaced by last year's flooding have been displaced again.

Flooding in the Balkans
BBC, April 17, 2006--People in Romania, Serbia, and Bulgaria are waiting to see if their preparations are going to be enough protection against the flooding, which is expected to peak within the next two days.

BBC, April 18, 2006--The Danube's waters have begun to affect even Ukraine, as the Balkans face damaged property and loss of homes. Low-lying areas are expected to remain waterlogged for months.

BBC, April 19, 2006--After several devastating floods in the past years, the Danube area may soon get an alert system; while the Balkans have suffered economic damage, the damage may still not be as bad as it was in 2002.

BBC, April 19, 2006--Affected regions have contributed to increasingly terrible floods through development and now must explore ways to curb them.

BBC, April 24, 2006A bursting dam displaces 1500 people in Romania as officials attempt to keep the situation under control.

Sofia News Agency, 25 April, 2006--Flood levels are dropping, and weary residents are grateful that drinking water remains safe.

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