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Vaccinations for East Europe Travel - Shots for Travel to Eastern Europe

What Shots or Vaccinations Should You Get Before Traveling to Eastern Europe?


While travelers should talk with their doctor about country-specific vaccinations, these vaccinations are recommended for travel to large parts of Eastern Europe. Take particular care to get updated on your shots prior to travel if you plan to spend time camping, hiking, or in rural areas.

Hepatitis A and B Vaccinations for Eastern Europe Travel

Hepatitis A and B vaccinations are commonly given together in a series of three shots. These diseases can be passed through food and water consumption, sexual contact, below-standard medical care, or exposure to the blood and body fluids of an infected individual. Talk to your doctor well in advance of travel to Eastern Europe to give yourself enough time to complete the series of shots necessary to give you full protection against Hepatitis A and B.

Rabies Vaccination for Eastern Europe Travel

Camping, hiking, or other outdoors activities put travelers at risk for encountering rabies-infected animals in Eastern Europe. If you plan on spending a significant time in the wilderness, talk to your doctor about getting a rabies vaccination prior to travel.

Tick-Borne Encephalitis Vaccination for Travel To Eastern Europe

While not given in the United States, this vaccination may be gotten abroad if deemed necessary. Tick-borne encephalitis or Japanese encephalitis can be transmitted by the bite of a tick or mosquito carrying the virus. These diseases can be severe to deadly, and risk of exposure depends upon location, duration of time spent in said location, and taking of other precautions (wearing clothing that covers the skin, applying insect repellant, etc.).

Typhoid Vaccination for Eastern Europe Travel

Typhoid fever can be transmitted through contaminated food or water consumption. This bacteria causes fever and diarrhea, but can be treated medically.

Vaccination Updates for Travel to Eastern Europe

It is important to keep your routine vaccinations, like tetanus, updated. In addition, if you travel to Eastern Europe often, be sure to keep the above vaccinations current so that you remain protected from disease at all times.

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