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Top 10 Travel Earplugs - Ear Plugs for Travel


Earplugs are, for some people, travel essentials. Ear plugs can reduce pressure during a long flight. For blocking out daytime noises while adjusting to jetlag, earplugs are a must. And, sometimes, you find that your hotel is in a particularly lively part of the city center, and you need a pair of ear plugs simply to sleep soundly at night.

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1. Hearos Ultimate Softness Ear Plugs

Slate rated these ear plugs number one in their earplug test. Comfortable, effective, and easy-to-clean, Hearos Ultimate Softness Ear Plugs also come with their own carrying case - this is a plus when they go traveling with you.
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2. Moldex Earplugs Rockets

These ear plugs are easy to insert and come with a sleek plastic carrying case. They are also shaped to fit your ear canal, so you don't have to squish-and-roll.
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3. Earplanes Ear Plugs Children

These are smaller-sized earplugs for children (who can be especially bothered by the constant noise of the plane) and for adults with smaller ear canals. They relieve the air pressure and block out sound.
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4. Nexcare Ear Plugs

Nice, neon-orange tapered plugs with their own carrying case if purchase one pair. Clean with soap and water for reuse, or buy in bulk and throw away after you wear them.
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5. Flents Quiet! Please Ear Plugs

These simple ear plugs are of the squish-and-roll variety, but still rank highly in tests. If you'd rather use your earplugs once, then throw them away, these might be for you.
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6. Travel Smart by Franzus Eye Shades and Ear Plug Set

This eye mask and ear plug set will get you through any any night (or day)!
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7. Mack's Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs

These squishy earplugs are probably best disposed of after each use, as their stickiness can collect lint and dirt. However, they shape to your ear, so they are high on the comfort scale. They also come in a smaller size for children.
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8. Multi Max Multi Sized Ear Plugs

The yellow tip is small, the red tip a bit larger. If one end doesn't work so well, you can try the other.
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9. Mack's Ear Seals Dual Purpose Ear Plugs

These earplugs are good for blocking noise and swimming. Take them on your next trip to the Black Sea Coast.
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10. Howard Leight QUIET Earplugs

These molded, orange foam ear plugs are simple to wash and reuse or throw away after one use. Comfortable with a built-in flexible system that requires no squishing for insertion.
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